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Kohler Resurfaced!

By Elke Moebius | November 03, 2015

When it comes to elite homes, bathrooms are one of the most impeccable areas. Opulent sanitary ware relies on aesthetics as much as functionality. The new completely renovated Surfaces+ store in Ahmedabad opens doors to the premium world of Kohler.

Surfaces+, a Kohler franchise, has been associated with Kohler since their entry in India about seven years back and have been the pioneers in setting up Kohler fame in Gujarat. Every brand evolves with time and its store is the touchpoint to showcase the change. Kohler recently revamped its brand's story and thereby the store takes on a new avatar too. The Kohler range targets regular premium to elite price points in sanitary ware. The new platform caters specifically to the elite class with their new range called the Artistic Edition. Both companies, Surfaces+ and Kohler identify with premium segments, which had to be well evident in the store. The idea of concept selling also acts as a marketing aspect at retail that educates its customers on the product range. Kohler's new store design collaborated with Surfaces+' customer knowledge to bring this vibrant store to life.

The store has a unique façade with bold branding followed by a small plaza, which marks the entrance of the store. Distinct elements at the storefront create a strong recall value of the store. The door is an iconic feature for the store, which is done up intricately in Smalti mosaic. The heavy looking door is indeed very heavy, and takes the customer some effort to pull and push the door.

Once inside, the customer is exposed to the premium world of Kohler. An interesting note here is the absence of show windows, which are replaced by an eventful entry experience. It is an attempt to disconnect the customer from the outside and avoid any possible distractions. The store interiors work on a gray palette with concrete flooring and complementing concrete lamps. More than a source of light, these concrete lamps are decor elements that set up stage for the Artistic Edition.  The store layout is chosen to be crisp and clear, which doesn't attempt to confuse the customer at any point. Products are the driving arm for zoning the store. The Artistic Edition revels in its own ambience, which is set apart from the rest of the store through lighting, ceiling, décor elements and layout style.

Along with the rest of the store, the lighting was also rejigged where metal halides were replaced with LEDs. Track lights have been used to accommodate flexibility in the store. Except the Artistic Edition, that demands its own personal ambience, the entire store is designed with a flexible layout. Change is crucial in retail and the store design provides for this change where product lines can be shifted to give the store a fresh look whenever required without disturbing the layout.

The exquisite design of the store and the opulence of the products are highlighted with home décor products from Oma. They accompany the product line and give each setup a complete look. Used in a minimalistic fashion, they do their job well.

The first look of the store is of pivotal importance and if it can convey its essence in the first look, the retailer's job is half done. Quite clearly, the new Surfaces+ store gives a premium vibe, which marks a clear win for the store.

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