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SS Homme – The Art Of Bespoke Tailoring

By Satarupa Chakraborty | August 28, 2018

Spread across 3500 sq ft, the refurbished SS Homme studio is a futuristic take on the art of bespoke tailoring. The retail space speaks of intricacies of tailoring and the history of textiles through art, props and overall design.

The bespoke menswear brand boutique in Mumbai, SS Homme relocated to a larger space to convert itself into an artsy gallery-like retail store. It took the owners 90 days to design a store, which spreads across two floors with a 15-foot plus ceiling, that showcases a wide variety of products in the most systematic, yet innovative manner. The entire space was ideated to don a minimalistic and modern look, using a subtle colour palette of grey, white and black, while the brand’s signature geometric aesthetics broke the monotony in places. 

The Artsy Side Of Masculinity

Since bespoke tailoring and design go hand-in-hand with art, the walls speak of the hand-crafted process, without overwhelming the observer. To retain the brand’s masculine ethos, the word ‘Homme’ has been ingrained in the branding for this flagship studio.

A unique division has been created within the store for the would-be-grooms. With the use of grey and hints of dull gold and marble, it is designed to offer an exquisite experience. Decorated with angular rods adorning golden geometric skeleton cubes, which depict couture with the most intricate detailing, the entrance to the lounge is through an avenue designed with structured mannequins, spacious velvet sofas, hollow circular marble tables, and a piece of signature embroidery details that is designed in-house. Slated mirror highlight walls, 3-way mirrored trial rooms combined with draped divaricated curtains surround the layout to relate to a quintessential Indian wedding affair. The lounge is decorated with protruding accents of signature prints and patterns along with a central ladder draped with hand-embroidered stoles that bedeck the simplest silhouettes.

Handcrafted Luxury

The slate grey display table tops exude luxury, combined with hints of pale pine wood that speak of the brand’s affinity towards natural fibres and breathable elements, which are also often parts of their bespoke suits. The chairs have spineless back for comfort factor and are finished with grey pinstripes to the seats.

Keeping the space extremely breathable, the handcrafted bespoke shoe range is placed symmetrically, with a seating area dedicated for shoe trial. The area is made artsy with the wall installation that explains the anatomy of the shoe, with 3D depictions of both the inside and outside of a shoe being examined. 

Inspired by the leading British bespoke brand Saville Row London, a hand-drawn lapel mixed with a 3D satin shaded pocket square was added as a prop. A 1940’s Vintage sewing machine, which has been passed down through generations, makes for a showstopper prop.

The Light & Art Of Clean Lines

For a clean flooring, the designers zeroed in on a light grey Belgian wood. However, the patterns were different for consultation area and pathways – diagonal for the former and vertical for the latter, to create the line of demarcation. The “handcrafted” attribute of the brand was highlighted through visuals by a local artist, Deepa Rodrigues, who helped in portraying the different process and laborious intricacies attached to a bespoke brand. The artist hand painted the pillars on the upper ground floor with actual bespoke pattern silhouettes and various fabric weaves. These materials further signify the brand’s passion for textiles.

Interestingly, different types of lighting techniques and fixtures were used across the store. while LED daylight was opted for the entire store, the branded marble walls and statuesque mannequins were all highlighted with a drop of yellow, creating for an eclectic mix of lighting effects. Running through the store as a core element, geometry inspires the lighting too with the chandelier comprising inter-tangled rectangles.

Sandeep Gonsalves, Co-founder, SS Homme

Expanding SS Homme to an entirely refurbished design studio has been our goal since the day we began. We decided to design the place ourselves to ensure our brand ethos was brought to life by the interiors. It was a laborious job to convert the most sough-after space at Khar, Mumbai, into a retail expression of a new-age bespoke menswear brand.

  • Design: SS Homme
  • Lighting: Meeshka Lights Pvt Ltd
  • Artist: Deepa Rodrigues
  • Flooring: Mordani Interiors
  • Electricals: Vishal Electricals
  • Visual Merchandising: Atisuto Events 


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