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Strategic Design launches Z-Depp and Shark Cut

Vjmedia Works | July 05, 2017

Z-Depp is a technology to produce 3D graphics for POS and Shark Cut is a machinery that can replace box cutter with the precision of a tool cutter.

Delhi-based Strategic Design has launches Z-Depp, a new technology to create 3D graphics for POSs and Shark Cut, a tool cutter for contour cutting of shop floor signages. Z-Depp claims to replace lenticular sheet at a much cheaper price for producing 3D graphics used in various retail environments. Stratojet USA, a company owned by Strategic Design, first launched the technology globally before it came to India recently.

Sarabjit Singh Bedi, Managing Director, Strategic Design, told Retail4growth, “It’s been ages that lenticular sheet is the only popular solution to produce 3D graphics. Lenticular sheets are extremely expensive and have their own limitations. Z-Depp, at 22 times lesser the cost, will produce much more premium products. We have already received tremendous response from all quarters of retail sector including fashion and even luxury brands.”

Strategic has also launched Shark Cut, a tool cutter that can be used for contour cutting with extreme precision on a rigid surface.

“The shop floor graphic cutouts are generally cut by manual box cutter. This new machinery will offer more precision in contour cutting,” Bedi added.



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