Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Asanjo Group opens its first furniture store in Surat

By Rita G Chauhan | December 26, 2017

The first store ‘Asanjo Furniture World’ unveiled at Surat, will cater to an expansive and burgeoning market demand for exclusive home & lifestyle furniture and decor accessories.

Surat-based Asanjo Group of companies unveiled its first home furniture store ‘Asanjo Furniture World’ in the city to secure a foothold for Asanjo in Gujarat’s mid-premium home furniture segment. The Asanjo Group of companies has step in this segment after numerous successful stints in real estate, hardware, education, hospitality, etc. 

Designed by the architect & interior designer Jenis Makwana, JM: The Design Consultant, Mumbai, the store has displayed a huge range of ideal comfort-blended aesthetic design home decor solutions. The company hopes that the launch will help Asanjo group in securing a foothold in Gujarat’s mid-premium home furniture segment. According to the founding team of Asanjo Group, the maiden furniture store is in tandem to Asanjo Group’s founding vision of “being a brand to reckon with, on a global level”. 

Asanjo Furniture World aims to cater an expansive and burgeoning market demand for exclusive home & lifestyle furniture. “Asanjo Group’s target audiences, in any given vertical, are the people we connect with- the scores of young, working professionals, who harbour aspirations to leave an everlasting mark on this world. Striking a chord with the millennials has what enabled us to become one of the fastest growing companies in the state and the country,” said Kiran Patel, Chairman, Asanjo Group. Established in 2011, the Asanjo Group has global expansion plans and in the process of evaluation of sites in the countries Africa, China, Dubai, Spain and USA. 

The production unit at Asanjo Furniture World is a well balanced team of designers from India and abroad, pooling in knowledge of both global and local levels regarding optimum designing for better comfort at affordable prices. “Our team of young designers derives its exclusivity from the core belief shared by the entire Asanjo family, that furniture is a key element in people’s lives. A perfectly crafted piece that integrates comfort and aesthetics effortlessly has a real potential to bring people closer together. It is this sentiment that makes us a class apart,” Sanjay Patel, Director and Founding member, Asanjo Group concluded.






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