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Solly Jeans Co: So Denim!

By Elke Moebius | Vjmedia Works | July 22, 2015

After toiling over the new concept for three years, Allen Solly launched its very own denim brand - Solly Jeans Co., where the store concept brings alive the character of denim.

Solly Jeans Co. recently unveiled its new standalone concept store at Pune, Bangalore and Chandigarh. The concept initially developed by Dalziel & Pow London was shaped and realized by the Allen Solly team based on customer insights and the denim merchandise strategy. Brand Solly Jeans Co. offers an experience that uses the language of denim cult and its immense experience in this domain to offer some great styles and washes in denim fashion. The environment for experience this has the unmistakable British signature of the parent brand Allen Solly.

These store design concept brings the brand's persona of one who has a new age outlook for life and is different with his diverse interest in art and style.'Made Different' is the core personality of the brand which is rendered in the store design and presentation in more than one way.

The British heritage of the brand is rendered in the store design and presentation through architecture, finishes and complementing props and visual merchandising. The store material palette is a contrasting combination of the retro unfinished walls with clean lined furniture and fittings to feature the brand offerings on. Eclectic elements like mosaic tile inlay, a hand crafted carpet, work bench like tables adjacent to ornate ones create interesting highlights in the store environment and offering an experience distinctly differentiated from other youth denim brands.

The setting to feature the inclusive denim collections that address customers seeking both new age fashion and informal work wear. The store has been laid out in zones as per fits and styles. Within the zones assortments of shirts, Tees and accessories have been presented in style coordinates with the core denim collections. The merchandise presentation strategy is very clearly more formal that most denim brands by being stacked, hung and layered to create clean style statements in wall planograms and laid down displays on tables. Legs forms help highlight the cuts available in corresponding array of stacks they are featured on.

Full formal mannequins in the windows help to clearly feature the brand persona supported by busts in-store to feature layered ensembles across each zone. Clusters of selections of iconic props, ranging from the rustic to the classic, help tell interesting stories relating to the different interest in music, art and travel.

The brand imagery and experience delivered by the denim product range and the brand environment has helped Solly Jeans Co. stand differentiated in the denim market place and help gain a lot of acceptance and grow successfully.


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