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Peps to expand ‘The Great Sleep Store’ presence by 60% in FY18-19

By Nabamita Chatterjee | April 24, 2018

PEPS Industries, within a short period of 11 years in the spring mattress segment has secured massive retail presence in the country. The brand is now looking at further expansion in the Indian market. G Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director, Peps Industries Pvt Ltd. shares more on their retail strategy.

How do you position your brand at retail? Tell us about the retail reach?

Today, Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd. has over 5,000 dealers pan-India in addition to 129 company-owned exclusive retail outlets called ‘The Great Sleep Store’ (GSS). The outlets are vested solely in giving customers a complete bedroom experience with our wide range of premium products such as mattresses, pillows, comforter’s bed linen, and much more. The belief we have at Peps is that the experience one needs while buying a mattress is equally as important as the mattress itself. On display, we have our range of products under one roof. This diversity can greatly help the customer understand the product and through experience, make the right decision. The mattress, being a long term investment, demands that the consumer must be able to see all the options in order to make an informed decision.

How do you look at planning your customer engagement at the retail level?

Our stores are specifically designed to allow the customer to try all the mattresses. This helps the customer physically understand what each mattress has to offer. Even after the mattress has been purchased, we make sure the engagement does not end. We take great pride in educating the customers of the important maintenance habits to follow in order to get the best value. An indicator of the success we’ve had in the sphere of customer engagement can be seen through our growth. Particularly in the first 10 years of existence, our 25% CAGR was solely credited to customer word-of-mouth.

Recently, Peps and Flipkart entered into a partnership, any special initiative taken for the deal?

The Peps Industries and Flipkart partnership gave the e-commerce company exclusive rights to sell all of Peps Industries’ products and its allied brands Hypnos and Cirrus. After having captured the offline segment and becoming India’s top selling spring mattress company with our innovative products and models, we at Peps now look towards winning the online segment through the partnership.

How do you go about designing exclusive own brand outlets for Peps?

At Peps Great Sleep Stores our diversity in products that are displayed can make it easier for the customer to understand the product, both visually and physically, in order to make the right decision. The outlets are designed to exemplify the personality of the brand by highlighting the importance of comfortable sleeping. Also, they embody the perfect picture of comfort while giving customers a clear preview of how PEPS can enhance their bedrooms. The stores follow the brand’s colour of blue, which gives a sense of positivity, energy and joy to the viewer. This is in line with the core objective of Peps: helping people sleep better in order to have an energized, active and positive outlook the next day.

How many more stores are planned in this FY? Tell us more about your store presence and how the expansion is more focused in East zone?

The company has established prominence in the Southern and Western parts of the country and is now looking to expand aggressively into a pan Indian market with special focus on the East. For the fiscal 2018-19, we are looking at expanding the number of our Great Sleep Stores by 60%. This will help us reach more walks of society in order to give everyone a chance to experience a quality sleep. Out of the proposed expansion, about 20% of the new stores will be in the East. 






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