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‘Solution providers must innovate to produce mass scale, customisable solutions for GT'

By Retail4Growth Team | April 04, 2019

Rohit Markanday, Dy. General Manager – Trade Marketing - Adani Wilmar Ltd, .(Brand Fortune edible oil), shares his thoughts on what he expects from retail solution providers to improve brand visibility.

Rohit MarkandayRohit Markanday, Dy. General Manager – Trade Marketing - Adani Wilmar Ltd.
(Brand Fortune edible oil)


Being in the FMCG business, we need to create visibility inside Kirana outlets. And the major challenge we face while doing window displays are the different sizes of windows at these Kirana shops. In paper POSM we have limitation with regard to customisation. It is printed in large quantities, and when merchandisers do the execution inside the Kirana outlets, they find it difficult to execute it with craftsmanship. So, we would like solution providers to innovate some solution which can be produced in mass scale and can yet be customised as per the shelf sizes of different Kirana shops.


As far as material usage is concerned, we would prefer recyclable materials, and where technology is concerned, a solution for real time monitoring of execution would always be a welcome step.

Specific message to retail solution providers

Finally, I would like to add that many solution providers focus only on visibility solutions for the Modern Trade. I would urge them to bring economical and innovative visibility solution for the Kirana outlets too. That will help creating impressive visibility for products like ours.



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