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Blue Star, Eureka Forbes collaborate to launch water coolers with in-built purification

By Adam Devey Smith | Vjmedia Works | December 30, 2014

The partners eye Rs 150-200 cr from the collaboration

Blue Star and Eureka Forbes have collaborated to launch water coolers with in-built purification. The partners are eyeing around Rs 150-200 crore from this collaboration.

The market for storage water coolers with in-built purification is in its nascent stage and the estimated demand is a total 11,000 units in the fiscal 2015 with a value of Rs 90 crore, the joint partners said.

However, it is expected to grow with more and more consumers shifting to in-built purification, to around 30,000 units in the fiscal 2018, with a total expected market value of about Rs 300 crore, said B Thiagarajan, executive director and president of AC&R product business, Blue Star Ltd.

The market for pure drinking water has been on the rise with enhanced awareness about water-borne illnesses and the need for safe drinking water in the country, said Blue Star.

The new line-up of storage water cooler with inbuilt purifier comprises four models - three models with UV purification and one model with RO purification technology.

UV purification is preferred in markets with low TDS (total dissolved salts), while RO purification is ideal for high-TDS water markets- in order to remove the salty component of water.

The partners claimed the product range ensures absolutely pure water with an advanced three-stage purification system in the case of UV treatment and a sophisticated seven-stage purification system in the RO treatment model.


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