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Branding in Covid-19 : ’This is not the time to stay silent as a brand’ : Alisha Malik

By Retail4Growth Team | June 09, 2020

It goes without saying COVID -19 has done something which no amount of advertising by brands could do: it has made consumers change their ‘preferences’. This in itself will require retailers to rethink their marketing plans during and post-coronavirus.

In an exclusive chat with Retail4Growth, Alisha Malik, VP, E-commerce, Metro Brands Ltd shares why brands need to communicate more in these tough times, post-lockdown shopper habits, and more

Alisha Malik1. The post lockdown shoppers will expect more communication from brands/retailers. Do you agree? A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

In my view, customers & customer behavior is changing every day. It’s important to be connected with the customers consistently, especially during these tough times. Brands can’t go into silence and then suddenly communicate with the customer. I think customers are expecting continuous communication

2. On a scale of 1-5 the following will be the order of priorities which will influence shopper purchase decisions:  Price- 5,  Brand values including focus on hygiene, health safety and environmental responsibility - 4, Brand visibility in store and communication- 3, Brand name- 2 ,  Packaging - 1

I think the Brand Values that include hygiene and safety comes 1st and then the pricing. Currently, safety is the utmost priority for anybody

 3. Investments in technology solutions by brands and retailers will go up by more than 50% in the near future. A. Yes  B. It will be go up, but may not be over 50% C. No, technology will make no difference

It will be going up, but may not be over 50%

4. Across categories brands that have presence online-offline channels will sell more  A. Yes   B. No it will depend on other factors C. Can’t say

Yes, I agree. Brands having an omnichannel presence will surely sell more

5. The preference for online shopping is just a temporary phase, shoppers will soon come to go back to stores for most purchases A. Yes  B. No C. Don’t know

While customers will come back to the store, but online shopping will continue to rise. This is a change in shopping behavior and this change will soon become a habit

6. E-commerce will overtake physical retail and brands that don’t sell online will lose. A. Yes  B. No. C. Don’t know

 While online will continue to grow and it may be a much larger part of the revenue than what it currently is, however it may not overtake physical retail.



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