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Carry essentials brand LOJEL integrates sustainability in store design for its HK flagship launch

By Retail4Growth Team | July 08, 2024

The brand has set a new standard in innovation by partnering with local design studio Editecture to pioneer innovative methods of repurposing defective and damaged luggage into the design of their flagship store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

While sustainability as a goal is a mandatory talking point among brands, there are very few examples of end to end sustainable practice.

When it comes to store design, retailers and store architects and designers often find it challenging to integrated sustainability into the execution, due to several reasons. Global carry essentials brand LOJEL has set a new example and standard in innovation by integrating sustainability into its design and utilising recycled materials in its construction for the launch of its flagship store in Causeway Bay.

LOJEL partnered with local design studio Editecture to pioneer innovative methods of repurposing defective and damaged luggage into the design of their LOJEL flagship store. The initiative uses over 700 kg of upcycled manufacturing waste in its design. The store's exterior facade features meticulously crafted Upcycled Plastic Sheet Press Panels. In addition, a striking logomark art installation highlights LOJEL's commitment to innovation, utilising recycled PET material created through advanced 3D printing technology.

The opening of its flagship store in the area is being seen as setting new standards in sustainability and retail experience and the initiative saw LOJEL Hong Kong winning the “Brand Store of the Year - Hong Kong” category in Retail Asia Awards. 

The flagship also introduces a limited-edition series of unique luggage tags made from LOJEL luggage materials. Through this partnership, the brand seamlessly integrated these repurposed luggage shells into the store design and introduced new products, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise be wasted.

The first floor of the flagship store has also introduced the concept of the Experience Hub, a dynamic platform for art collaborations, community workshops, and interactive zones. “Scheduled for launch in the second half of 2024, this innovative space aims to foster creativity and engagement within the community, offering customers a truly enriching and interactive retail environment,” says the company statement.

Meanwhile, this flagship location has integrated the LOJEL Lab concept, providing scheduleable repair and maintenance appointments on-site.

Over the past year, LOJEL has strategically expanded its retail presence with the opening of four new stores: K11 MUSEA, The One, The Wai, and YOHO Mall. “We prioritise producing only what's necessary, ensuring practicality, durability, and longevity, thereby underscoring our commitment to sustainability and crafting high-quality carry essentials,” the company said


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