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Easyrewardz launches Shopster 2.0 to help Retailers Go Contactless

By Retail4Growth Team | August 25, 2020

The plug-n-play toolkit, manufactured by the company, aims to eliminate personal touch and boost store sales through conversational commerce

Easyrewardz launched ‘Shopster’ 2.0, an exclusive COVID-19 retail toolkit powered by conversational commerce. The plug-n-play toolkit that previously aimed to assist brands in delivering phygital shopping experiences has now forayed into providing contactless experiences to brands with their latest launches by offering contactless payment, and digital Receipts.

The customizable solution designed to support brands in improving business activities during crisis, has been facilitating home shopping experiences and boosting store sales through conversational commerce. The toolkit enables store staffs to easily communicate with customers and help them throughout the purchase procedure by sending product catalogues and personalized recommendations. It allows accomplishing the entire sales circle without human contact by enabling stores to receive payments digitally, send digital receipts and ensure timely product delivery. effortlessly integrates with existing billing systems and let brands accept online payments, part-payments with payment through gift vouchers and points.

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Soumya Chatterjee, CEO of Easyrewardz states, “Innovation has always been the core of all the operations in Easyrewardz. ‘Shopster’ was created with the vision to help retailers engage better with their customers as we all grapple with the pandemic. As shifts in customer behaviour are still unpredictable, we’re working very closely with our client partners and constantly evolving ‘Shopster’ to help them deliver seamless customer experiences.”

The added feature of rearranging appointments at the nearest store is a convenient way to promote social-distancing. There is also a provision to schedule store-staff assisted or self-serve visits on WhatsApp or WebBot, in this toolkit.



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