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Global tomato brand Pomi dons new identity

By Retail4Growth Bureau | January 19, 2024

Pomì recently announced a comprehensive brand refresh and the introduction of its bold all red new look with new packaging design that is aligned with environmental responsibility.  

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Pomì, a global leader in the tomato industry, recently announced a comprehensive brand refresh, and the introduction of its bold all red new look. 

A Bold New Look

The brand refresh unifies Pomì's visual identity worldwide while retaining its signature red and white colors. The new wordmark abandons the green leaf accent and the drop shadow, transitioning to a sleek, flat design that resonates with modern branding trends. The font evolves into a bolder, wider serif typeface with uniform thickness, enhancing legibility and presenting a more grounded presence. Simplified to a single bold red hue, the color palette offers stark contrast, emphasizing the brand name without additional graphic elements. “This stripped-back approach signifies Pomì's confidence and versatility across digital and physical mediums,” shares the company statement.

Fabrizio Fichera, Global Director of Marketing and Business Development of Casalasco and Pomì, underlines: "Following the successful launch of Pomì's new visual identity in Italy and Europe in 2023, we feel it's the right moment to bring a unified identity for Pomi" to provide a consistent consumer experience worldwide, attract a younger audience, and engage them in our commitment to a sustainable future." The redesign projects strength, youthfulness, and clarity, ensuring Pomì cuts through the noise as an iconic Italian tomato brand.

Innovative Design Meets Sustainability

Aligned with its refreshed brand identity, Pomì is transforming its packaging design, adopting a modern and environmentally friendly approach. The brand introduces two innovative packaging options: the Signature Full Barrier pack designed for SIG Combibloc carton boxes, and a sustainable, Plant-Based package made for Tetra Pak selections. “This initiative reflects Pomì's commitment to sleek aesthetics and reduced environmental impact. Both are designed with sustainability at their core, utilizing reduced polymer content and sugarcane-based materials, signifying a significant advancement in packaging sustainability,” explains the statement. 

“The vibrant, all-red design catches the eye on store shelves, while the packaging itself is a testament to Pomì's dedication to the environment. Each box, with Pomì's bold new logo alongside imagery of fresh, perfectly ripe Italian tomatoes, resonates with consumers who prioritize both quality and sustainability. The packaging design honors the authenticity and traceability of the ingredients, emphasizing Pomì's rich Italian heritage and the exceptional quality of the product, all while affirming a modern commitment to environmental responsibility,” it adds.

Meeting Consumer Expectations

Today's consumers actively seek products that align with their environmental values. This shift is significant, with 57% of consumers willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact1. Furthermore, 77% consider the sustainability and environmental responsibility of products as important 2. Pomì's new packaging options directly address these preferences, combining the highest quality with environmental responsibility, informs the company. "Our goal is to lead the tomato industry in eco-friendly packaging, reducing environmental impact while maintaining the quality our customers expect," said Cristiano Villani, CEO at Pomì USA. 

Pomì's new eco-friendly packaging now dressed in an all-red, will be available at major grocery retailers and specialty grocery stores across the US and will continue throughout early 2024. 


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