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Reebok launches Fit-Hub concept store at GK, Delhi

Vjmedia Works | November 30, 2015

Fitness apparel and footwear major Reebok launched its latest format of'Fit-Hub' concept store in Delhi's popular GK1, M Block market. The store wears a typical look of a gym with fixtures replicating the concept.

Continuing their retail-expansion, fitness and sports apparel brand Reebok recently opened its outlet in Delhi's premier GK 1 M Block market. The store is an example of the brand's latest format of fit-hub concept store. The new store will be responsible for the brand's latest fitness gears and footwear collection for women.

Commenting on the launch, Dave Thomas, Managing Director, Reebok & adidas India said, "It has been our constant endeavour over the past few years to establish Reebok as the leading premium fitness brand in the country. Moreover, our strong focus towards catering to women's fitness needs has led to the category contributing to over 40% of our overall business in selected stores. We hope to grow this category significantly in the coming years whilst inspiring more women across the country to adopt the'Fit for Life' attitude & mindset. Reebok partnered with Nargis on this fitness journey 3 years back and it has been overwhelming to mark yet another milestone with her for the Brand as we launch our latest FitHub.”

Under Reebok's Fit-Hub retail design, each store is designed to give a look and feel of a gym with fixtures that replicate gym equipments such as pull up grids, genuine gym flooring and jump boxes as seating, providing customers a one-of-a-kind retail fitness experience.
The stores also have clearly demarcated merchandise sections for different fitness activities such as training, running, and aerobics, dance and yoga that facilitate an easy shopping experience. Initiated in 2013 in India, Reebok's innovative'Fit Hub' stores have become popular amongst the consumer and have seen tremendous success across important markets.

Founded on the concept of togetherness, the Reebok'Fit Hub' stores entail greater interaction with customers, helping them embark on their fitness journey and finding the right products which enable them in achieving their fitness goals.


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