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The Home of the Traveler's first Gifting Store

By VJ Media Bureau | Vjmedia Works | December 19, 2013

Home Accessories, Artifacts, Home Furnishings, Flowers and Wedding Gifts are the specialty at this newly launched Gifting Store by the'The Home of the Traveler'.

Noted designer JJ Valaya and TJ Singh have  commenced the first gifting store by'The Home of the Traveler', a one of its kind concept store which infuses the old with the new, creating a harmonious synergy out of contradiction.
After the successful launch of the flagship store, the brand has launched this exclusive 1500 sq.ft. gifting store at the Mehar Chand Market in Delhi. Catering to the different tastes of different connoisseurs, the furniture and décor items are divided into 6 definitive moods namely: Art Deco, Vintage, Organic, Glamour, India and World.  

Each artifact, handpicked and curated by JJ Valaya, brings a character, a narrative and a piece of history to the Home of the consumers. The underlayment of the offering is subtly mythic yet a profound exudation of a character that is modern. The stories that sculpt and mold the charisma of the various offerings are woven together by threads of spiritualism, civilization and adventure.
On the launch of'The Home of the Traveler' first gifting store , JJ Valaya said, "I am pleased to introduce to you a concept close to our hearts, one that attempts to perfect the art of fine living, and giving-'The Home of the Traveler.' We have spent years traveling around the world collecting such'treasures', traversing different eras, to enrich the soul of the Home of the Traveler.”


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