Sunday, January 17, 2021

Toppan Printing partners with Kose Corp. to improve cosmetic shopping experience

By Retail4Growth Team | Retail4Growth Team | January 07, 2021

The initiative includes the extraction of data from facial scanning and analyse the different skins through optical simulations of layers of cosmetics.

The provider of touch display solutions, communication, security, decor materials and other electronic solutions, Toppan Printing partners with a beauty and personal care company, Kose Corp. to extract data from facial scanning and analyse the different skins through optical simulations  of layers of cosmetics.

The present pandemic restrictions have restrained consumers to have a proper interaction in stores. In a lot of cases, testers have been removed from display counters making it difficult for consumers to choose products that need an intimate interaction.

The company looks forward to create services in assistance with the virtual spaces and help in the counselling and product selection that will match the features of an individual’s skin.  

3D graphic data is generated from the results of high-definition facial scanning that uses Light Stage device, which controls multiple light sources in a spherical dome for high-definition scanning of face shape and texture.  The data is then utilised as the foundation for analyzing the effectiveness of counselling and optical simulation of layers of cosmetics.

The Toppan Printing handles facial scanning, 3D computer graphic data generation, cosmetics information mapping and augmentation of a makeup simulator, whereas Kose Corp. offers participants for Light Stage, supplies Toppan with information on cosmetic products and provides advices on the tuning of the simulator.



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