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Aerglo Lighting’s new wall-mounted lights all about adding the contemporary touch to a space

By Retail4Growth Bureau | July 06, 2022

The Noida-based lighting company has launched a collection of sleek wall-mounted lights, which it says brings a clean, contemporary look to any space.

Noida-based Aerglo Lighting has launched a collection of sleek wall-mounted lights that bring a clean, contemporary look to any space, according to the company statement.

In the lighting scheme, wall-mounted lights play an important role in adding an extra layer of illumination and aesthetics. With their clean-lined, yet charming design, these lights enhance the beauty of the environment, while also adding a lux note to it, says the company.

The new line includes:

Norris: A refined structure consisting of a metal base in gold and clearglass globule, lend this light an impressive appeal.

Willa: Thislight with a metal base in gold and black finish, and a glass globule in milky white, stands out with its striking contrast.

Tanner: Primarily made of clear glass with a gold-finished metal base and details, this light offers a clean look.

Raina: The smoky black finish of the metal and glass making up the light gives it a sophisticated look.

July: The faceted glass structure held together with gold-finished metal, adds an extra dimension to the space.

Terri: An elegant combination of metal in gleaming gold finish and glass in the milky white finish gives this light a striking appearance.

Aerglo Lighting was founded in June of 2018 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and has executed many projects for hotels, restaurants, retail showrooms, residential spaces, and more.


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