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Alumil launches wall cladding solution for contemporary architectural designs

By Retail4Growth Bureau | April 24, 2024

The SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding is tailored for contemporary wall-cladding needs and is designed for both interior and exterior applications.

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Alumil India, the fully-owned Indian subsidiary of Alumil Group – a global leader in designing and manufacturing of high-quality architectural aluminium systems, has unveiled its latest innovation in wall cladding solutions – the SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding. Tailored for contemporary wall-cladding needs, this product is designed for both interior and exterior applications, informs the company.  

“The latest product stands out for its robustness, offering comprehensive coverage for entire buildings, enhancing their visual appeal and energy efficiency. This series provides architects with a versatile toolset, including customizable profiles, a wide range of colours and; integration options with LED lighting, perforated panels and synthetic wood, empowering them to create distinctive and captivating designs,” says the company statement.


The company informs that the cladding solution is built to last, leveraging aluminium's durability and surface treatments to resist corrosion and safeguard insulation materials. It supports intricate technical applications like cladding integrated with curtain walls, windows and entrance doors, making it suitable for diverse commercial, office and residential projects. “The SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding embodies modernity and adds unique aesthetics, aligning perfectly with contemporary architectural trends,” it adds. 

In addition to barcode cladding solutions, Alumil offers cutting-edge features such as curtain wall glazing featuring top-hung and parallel pop-out doors, and electric rotating louvers tailored for large-scale constructions. 


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