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Lighting company ILDL unveils new Lumenpulse products

By Retail4Growth Bureau | August 26, 2022

ILDL has introduced two new products by Lumpenpulse to their growing list of brand collaborations, the Lumenfacade Nano and Opticolor, which offer functional, user-centric, and customed lighting solutions. 

Bespoke lighting design solutions company ILDL has introduced two brand new products by Lumpenpulse to their growing list of brand collaborations — the Lumenfacade Nano and Opticolor, which according to the company aim to deliver “superior illuminating solutions that are functional, user-centric, and tailored to individual needs”.

Lumenpulse, a leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance, architectural LED-based lighting solutions, has introduced new features for their linear, indoor/outdoor favourite, the Lumenfacade Nano and added the unique proprietary technology, Opticolor, to their colour-changing projector products portfolio.

Lumenfacade Nano

Lumenfacade Nano, the minimalist-designed fixture, has reportedly enhanced performance, new wattages, CRI 90+ colour rendering, and multiple 3G vibration rated options giving specifiers a small-scale premium fixture with full-scale features. With its 3G vibration-rated options, it can be used on bridges and pedestrian walkways. In addition, the Lumenfacade Nano's quick-joining system simplifies installation, allowing an instant connection.


The Opticolor technology, which is patent-pending, mixes colour at the source within the LED optic, allowing for ultra near-field colour blending, exceptional quality of light, and unrivalled colour consistency and uniformity. “The proprietary Opticolor technology gives you the colour you want within inches of the fixture's surface. Thanks to tight binning and working within a 5nm variance, it provides a consistency of colour that blends seamlessly with other Lumenpulse products and applications. With exceptional colour rendering and blending, the luminaries boasting Opticolor technology are ideal for atriums, theatres, and lighting for surfaces and facades,” says the ILDL statement.

ILDL was established in 2006, and represents 23+ brands worldwide.


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