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Trigon Digital gets India's first Esko Kongsberg V 24 cutting table

By Nabamita Chatterjee | Vjmedia Works | November 02, 2015

This is the first Kongsberg V series cutting and creasing table with milling head to be sold in India.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Trigon Digital offers brand management services with locations in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and the Middle East. Trigon's packaging business vertical focuses on offering structural design capability using a combination of software and hardware - Esko's ArtiosCAD, DeskPack ,Studio which includes 3D Visualizer software and the recently installed Kongsberg V24 cutting table.

Trigon recently installed the Kongsberg V 24 cutting table with a MultiCut head. The Kongsberg V is used in their packaging division but also mills various hard materials (ACP, MDF, acrylics) used in signage and display production.

Vineeth Viswanathan, Business Head Asia-Pacific and Europe of Trigon Digital Solutions, says, "Diversification is extremely important for us as it is for any business, for our brand owning customers having a good package is not enough for it to sell in today's world. The package also needs to be displayed on an attractive POP in the retail store to catch the attention of the buyer. We spotted this need of our brand owning customers and proposed that Trigon can help them in this area.”

Further, Viswanathan explains, "The process of creating a POP is similar to that of creating a new package. Both require structural design, material knowledge and artwork with professional graphics and most importantly the skills to handle brand logos and colours. We already have these capabilities with Esko's ArtiosCAD and our earlier Kongsberg XL-20 Flexihead sample maker. The constraint was when it came to finishing hard materials like MDF and acrylics, the newly launched Kongsberg V24 with milling head was the solution.”

Shrihari Rao, Esko's Sales Director for India says, "It is gratifying to see young entrepreneurs develop businesses that serve so many of the missing links in the Indian supply chain. Today more and more of our packaging customers want to grab a part of the lucrative sign & display industry. Because Esko's tools remain the same for both segments, they can optimise their investments by offering multiple services to brand owners with the same set of tools, human resources and domain knowledge. Trigon is successfully doing just this and this is their 3rd investment in our Kongsberg table in less than 5 years. This clearly shows the trust Trigon has got on all the Esko products, for which Esko is fully committed to support them and to help them grow further.”



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