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Arvind Store in a new persona

By Susmita Das | Vjmedia Works | January 15, 2014

The Arvind Store has been launched in Ahmedabad in alignment with the design aesthetics of design firm Fitch with a complete new personification.

With the introduction of an exclusive store Brand Arvind has entered the CG Road of Ahmedabad. This new store by the brand is an initiative to revitalize and reposition the business in the consumer's mind and to appeal to a younger and more discerning generation of affluent Indian consumers.

While holding Fashion led bespoke tailoring as the main highlight, this flagship store which is spread across 4,500 sq.ft,. has been created and designed by ace design label Fitch. "Customers in general are looking for the'new' and they are finding it with international brands, they are increasingly aspirational across the board, in play as in work. There is a real desire for Arvind to move forward - become great retailers, and a destination for bespoke fashion for all,” shares Constantine Lykiard, Creative Director at FITCH INDIA. She further adds, "Arvind is a retail brand with a point of view and a purpose, so our big idea was to make Arvind a place where co-creation was made available for all.”

Starting with the façade, the store front has metal composite cladding with integral fret cut signage and back-lit illumination. Speaking further about this, Constantine says, "The store has been clad in specially printed aluminium cladding in the Burgundy Arvind while panoramic window on the second floor provides the platform for seasonal garment stories.”

The store has four main segments: Bespoke Tailoring, Bespoke Denim, Premade Suits and Shirts and Guest Brands. And the areas dedicated to fabric selection for both suits and shirts feature specially made displays showcasing the entire fabric selections. Coming to the other design elements, the store fixtures utilize components from existing ranges like Visplay.

Speaking about the lighting fixtures, Constantine explains, "The main lighting fixtures were developed specially for the store to accommodate the unique look and feel signature of the ceiling design. The main lighting philosophy was to create dramatic changes between darker circulation areas and zones of product interest. This has also helped with highlighting VM displays and graphics communication panels.”

The store also features the Arvind Denim Lab which showcases multiple customization options for its patrons.


The FITCH Team

Kruti Parikh - Senior Designer

Rajbhushan Sawant - Senior Architect


Harvey Lopez
M/s. Autostriping India Pvt.Ltd.

General Contractor
Bhavin Khatri
Shilpi Designers

Kishan Dave
Focus lighting

Hitesh Panchal
Stapathi Architecture & Interiors (Electrical)

Boss Engineers & Carrier Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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