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Baggit sports new retail identity

By Susmita Das | Vjmedia Works | July 31, 2013

Baggit has unveiled an exclusive standalone store at Koramangala, Bangalore, introducing a new retail identity, based on the concept of a library…

Baggit, the popular Indian Brand known for its chic accessories and bags, has launched an exclusive store at Koramangala in Bangalore highlighting a new retail identity. With this new retail design, the brand repositions and reinforces its brand image.

"We intended to create this new store design concept to provide an international standard retail experience with a feel of a premium store to the customers. We also wanted to improvise the visibility of the products and highlight different range of product lines Baggit offers, which includes I Pad covers and men's accessories,” says Vicky Ahuja, Head - Sales, Baggit.

Designed and conceptualized by FRDC, the Bangalore based design consortium, the store is built based on a library concept. "The store size was a challenge as compared to the colossal range of merchandise, so we looked into an approach which was flexible and modular. We wanted to provide the customers enough space to take a look at the store but at the same time, we didn't want them to view the store at one glance, hence we took up the library concept segregating the store into various sections,” explains Sanjay  Agarwal,  Managing Director at FRDC

The store front sports a transparent look wherein onyx based product display has been installed clubbed with a lot of visual imagery. Besides, LCD has been incorporated to highlight the merchandise. Further, contemporary materials blended with a neutral backdrop and amalgamated with the orange banding and framing that is part of Baggit's signature, generate a young, fresh and feminine look. Materials like mashes and onyxes play an overriding role in the design of the store. The design team has also gone in for special high-technology like trivision to enhance the store experience.  

In sync with a library format, the store has been zoned into different sections numbering six in all. Ranging from handbags for women, clutch bags , cross body sling bags for young teenagers to laptops bags and other essentials for working women and overnighters along with a wide range of wallets, belts,  caps and utility pouches for cell phones, I Pads, lunch carriers , Jewellery and cosmetics, all are placed according to the  segregation of the zones.  In the men's section, a wide range of bags for office use, casual bags, travel bags and wallets are housed at the store. "An inspiration wall consisting of a series of back-lit cubby elements, brings together an'across collection' basis; accessories, complementary bags in a variety of profiles, and lifestyle uses around style-collections integrate details and color in a mix-and-match way. This inspiration wall provides a quick and creative way of understanding the range and possibilities to mix-and-match, extending the wearability and usability across the full consumer lifestyle from work-to-play,” explains Sanjay further.  

A series of floor-to-ceiling wedge fixtures provides levels of varying heights, depth and width to accommodate the wide variety of bag profile types, while other props such as belt frames, forms and hands are infused to illustrate the accessories in a more lifelike presentation. Additionally, a series of pull-out drawers, fixture top displayers are also created to highlight both men's and women's wallets. Most of the fixtures used at the store are kept extremely flexible.

To accentuate the accessories, LED lighting and warm lighting have been infused while the accent lights bring the other merchandise into the limelight. An I Pad placed next to the cash counter allows the customers to browse the catalog and even order any merchandise online, which is not available in the store. Likewise, small accessories like pouches and hats are placed near the store's transaction area.

Speaking about the brand's expansion plans, Vicky informs, "After the Koramangala store, we have already rolled out three more stores in this concept and six are in the pipeline. We are also planning to add 15 stores every year.”

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