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Capturing the Ayurvedic ethos in a green, chic space

By Retail4Growth Bureau | March 14, 2023

This design project by FRDC for technology-led Ayurveda doctor platform NirogStreet in Bangalore brings alive the essential Ayurvedic experience in an intimate, tech-integrated and contemporary space.  

A community space integrated with the brand ethos and an elevated healing experience was the cornerstone for this store design project by FRDC for NirogStreet – a technology-led Ayurveda doctor platform. As FRDC says, “The NirogStreet Experience Centre was designed to be inviting, welcoming, and transparent, helping visitors to shed inhibition in adopting Ayurvedic treatments.” 

Rooted in Nature 

With the Ayurvedic system itself being rooted in nature, it was only natural that the Experience Centre’s concept was inspired by the philosophy that nature is the source of wellness & good health. With this as the underlying thought, the design team created a modern, clean, straightforward and urban look, as shared by FRDC. The whole design ideology of the space revolves around the fundamental principles of Ayurveda - the five elements of nature.

Natural materials have been used such as terracotta tiles and wood, while the design itself is biophilic in nature where natural plants form a part of the space experience. And although the medicine system is ancient, and rooted in traditional principles of healing, the approach to space design here was very contemporary, aiming to resonate with modern customers.

Scripting the brand presence & experience 

There was a lot of focus on creating an impactful brand presence right from the entrance, with the NirogStreet façade standing out with its concrete and exposed brick front on St. Marks Road, known for its heritage buildings. As FRDC informs, it is also an ode to the “iconic yet transformative location of the city”.

Inside the store, elements like a dedicated herb wall holding illuminated planters, a tea bar and a tasting station where customers can create their blend, all add to the overall sensorial experience, while creating an intimate space of trust.

The furniture, including the massage beds, is highly durable and traditional, in line with the idea of an urban environment offering a scientifically-thought out healing experience. Efficient lighting keeps a check on energy consumption, while natural light is harvested through the use of transmission glass even in massage therapy rooms, shares FRDC.

Since NirogStreet is essentially a technology company in the business of Ayurveda, technology plays a crucial role in the space and is integrated in areas like the waiting area, self-check station that holds a BMI machine, health questionnaire on screen and pulse check.

The retail area was also designed to hold selected products and display them very differently from other Ayurvedic centres. As FRDC shares, “The self-browse area cleverly introduces products and their features, where the well-lit fixtures lend a premium look with their wood & gold profiles edged with the element of cane shutters.”  

Zoning, materials & other elements 

The zoning has been strategically planned - quick enquires & pharmacy services at the entrance, followed by consultation rooms on the ground level and observation, preparation & therapy rooms on the first level, ensuring privacy for patients.

In terms of materials, the use of cement texture, brick tiles, white paint and teak wood finish was to ensure uniformity in design and mood of the space. Also, selective use of brand colour (green) is aimed at triggering brand recall with lush planters placed throughout the experience centre enhancing the calming effect and reinforcing the idea of nature.

Summing up the whole design objective, FRDC says,  “The centre’s design aims to build confidence & strengthen the belief at every touch point of the customer journey, assuring them of the beneficial results of Ayurvedic remedies.  At the same time, the brand wanted to stand out from its competitors through a modern interpretation of the Ayurvedic environment and equipment. This is realised in the environment through the therapy room and accompanying bathrooms with a more modern and clean approach, and visual communication that is informative yet contemporary looking.”

Store Details: 

Size: 2500 sq ft

Location: Ground and First floor, 47, St Marks Road, Bengaluru    


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