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Cre(y)ate Your Own Self!

Vjmedia Works | March 24, 2016

Want a particular type of lapel? Get it. Want a contrasting placket on the shirt? Get it. Want a button in gold and obsidian? Get it! Want it longer than ideal? Get it! Creyate store has broken all benchmarks of Indian menswear retail with its highly digital bespoke design studios. VM&RD browses through store to witness the amazing merge of digitization and fashion.

It's said that you are what you wear. To implicate the idea of original bespoke clothing, the idea of Creyate kicked in.  The physical store reflects the breadth and the opportunities but in a strictly limited space.

"The solution was not to design a store but a creative studio. Extremely stylish Apple computers, put all the diverse pieces at the customer's fingertips, mediating the meeting of the customer's desire and creativity and the power of technology,” added Chiorino.

The Studio is redolent of industrial chic which conveys both the creativity of fashion and the precision of high technology. Using the ceiling and floor to draw eyes (and customers) to the central table, the studio balances warm and cool textures, colours and tones. Another noteworthy area is an exclusive zone featuring the finest suiting from Italy, placed as a little corner of Milan within every Creyate Studio.

Commenting further on improvising the retail design and VM at Mumbai's Infinity Mall, Ritma Ravi, Project and VM Head, Creyate, mentioned, "Creyate takes visual merchandising to a forum where craft meets technology. The visual merchandising focuses not only on physical touch points but digital too. Most of our facades have magic mirror on led screens where a customer can interact with the screen and virtually dress himself choosing from the gamut of customisation on screen. VM is not restricted to store and window installations but also reflected on our Home visit model where VM takes charge to wrap of delivery vehicles, design style steward kits etc. The retail design and VM sync into one tune to call out customization across product categories and gender.”

The retail store now takes the concept forward approach at Mumbai where the merchandise panels are the first thing that a customer sees, placed at their eye level. The sample apparels are placed below the digitised walls of the store. About 60% of the space is dedicated for formal wear and rest for casual wear and denim of the store, the look of which is achieved through materials like are acrylic, trans lit, latex vinyl, sun board, flex etc.

Talking about the window display, Ravi informed, "As Creyate is a made to measure brand, on the window we emphasize on made to measure custom clothing concept or campaigns that are running at the moment. We change the window design about 4 times a year.”

As part of regular branding campaigns within the store, Creyte is currently running the'No Compromise' campaign which talks about the power of personalisation with the messaging'DON'T STOP TILL ITS YOU'. The brand is planning to spread its manifold by adding 10-15 stores in India and abroad this year.

Paolo Chiorino, designer of Restore, the agency who executed the store, said "The philosophy that animates the Creyate brand is to offer the finest in luxury fabrics with every accoutrement. Creyate allows men to have the clothes that fit them, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too.”  



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