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Esparanza: Soothing with a Spanish flavour

By Nabamita Chatterjee | Vjmedia Works | June 24, 2013

The space & beauty lounge tries to materialize each element of the Spanish & Mediterranean origin with natural and yet modern finish.

Inspired from the Spanish word'esperanza' which means hope, Esparanza resonates the real aura of optimism, created through the design of this newly launched spa & beauty lounge. Having spread over an area of 2100 sq ft in the strategic Greater Kailash 2 Market- New Delhi, the brand's business objective is to present the Indian clientele with all that is exquisite as well as beyond their imagination amidst the humdrum of this metropolis.
Shikhar Malhotra, Co-owner of the brand who also conceptualised the design strategy for Esparanza, shares, "We wished to create a brand image that astounded the onlookers and mesmerized our guests who would take the Spanish journey of hope and revivification. To enhance this idea, we collaborated with a Spanish line of Spa and Beauty products called AINHOA.” With the vision to embrace Spain in every possible way the natural images and symbols, especially that of the olive branch flowing through the interiors as well as in the logo has been incorporated in the decor. The shade of rustic gold, a splash of aquamarine blue, the image of the olive branch being part of the design elements reveal the story of Esparanza. With five spa rooms, the area is divided into different service zones like hair spa and hair care room, a spa and beauty lounge with luxury space for foot spa and manicures as well as other spa rooms. A make-up bar is soon to be added to the beauty lounge,'Beleza'.
The front architectural facade is characterized by images of leaves, along with shades of gold and blue, and the symbol of the olive. It mirrors the various facets of the Spanish concept in a natural and soothing tone. "The space restriction in the property was the primary difficulty or challenge that we faced. This, we transformed into an opportunity by allocating space for rooms as per the different kinds of services. We used dim lighting, soft and soothing colours, a subtle décor, and mirrors and glass partitions to magnify the aura to make the spa look spacious. Having worked on the design in-house, we tried to materialize each element of the Spanish & Mediterranean origin with natural and yet modern finish. We made use of colours such as rustic gold, aquamarine blue in different parts of the space and used various tiles and designs to bring about a natural feel. We wanted the interiors to be nothing ostentatious, rather wanted to give it a subtle yet attractive look to the place,” informs Shikhar.
The way finding plays a major role in any retail design. Here in Esparanza, it begins from the signage itself and the design theme is built across the spa through an even distribution of images and symbols implicating the concept.  Examples of these are revealed through the incorporation of the olive symbol in furniture, the passages as well as the reception area. The naming of the rooms with names such as'Fe' and'Beleza', both Spanish terms carry forward the concept & serves the same purpose.
An impression of a starlit sky created through blue and white soft lighting also adds to the natural feel. The'breathe hole' of the spa beds had a provision of visuals exemplifying the same ideas of hope, bliss, solitude and relaxation. The lighting arrangement is intricately planned to create a haven of peace and reflective silence and each element at Esparanza is thus carefully chosen to fulfill this aim. It is therefore amber and its intensity is decided to be dim. Thus the aim to have a flow of the same ideology of inner peace & solitude offering a sanctuary to the guest has been created by scattering evenly the elements of the concept through the interiors of the spa.
Anisha Khanna, Co-owner of Esparanza shares, "Our target segment starts from 25 years & beyond, while the clientele we look at is one who takes utmost care of their appearance as well as their inner being. From the day of its opening it has been received very well. In the near future, we plan to open outlets Vasant Vihar and Gurgaon.”

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