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Fastrack goes wild with its new flagship

By Susmita Das | Vjmedia Works | 1 | February 28, 2013

Inspired by the'urban jungle' concept, the irreverence of the brand has been translated into a physical space with the launch of this new retail identity.

Leading youth fashion accessory brand, Fastrack, unveiled its new fangled flagship store at CMH Road, Bangalore, exemplifying a new retail design concept that symbolizes the brand's attitude of being fun, young and mischievous. The store confers a striking amalgamation of the wild with the contemporary.

"Fastrack is an irreverent brand with in your face, tongue-in-cheek communication; always known to generate a stir, the brand has created a legion of dedicated followers and fans. Fastrack has now managed to translate the irreverence of the brand into a physical space with the launch of this new retail identity,” said Ronnie Talati, Business Head & Vice President, Fastrack.
 Spread across 1100 sq ft, the store unfolds through a series of installations and events. With an attractive store front, the signage is a riot of blinking color changing lights, set to a DMX controller, representative of lighting from the high streets of Broadway, NY. The small open space in front of the store houses a bike rack and a folding bench.

Inspired by the'urban jungle' concept, the space has a base grid of white pipes from which various display systems are suspended. Designed by Praxis, Lotus Design Services , the store is a bare shell in neutral shades of white and grey, where the Fastrack merchandise in vibrant hues stand out and make a statement. Interesting and quirky elements have been incorporated for product display, highlighting watches displayed in bird cages, banana shaped fixtures holding sunglasses and belts casually worn out around a mannequin. The theme is further carried forward to the poles covered in leather and studs, besides this, the bags are suspended in rope using carabiners and wallets are meant to be pick pocketed from the back of denim jeans. To further enhance the precision of the design concept, old beaten up trunks, floating tables, mirrors, reconditioned refrigerators, urinals and water closets were also used as display devices.
The brand has expanded its offering to include scarves, motorcycle helmets, sunglass cases and laptop sleeves among others and plans to introduce umbrellas, socks in the coming months. The brand plans to open 100 new stores with this new retail identity and extend it to other retail formats, including stand alone stores, malls, kiosks, etc.


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