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Luxury Living by Royal Koas: Turning your imagination into reality!

By Nabamita Chatterjee | Vjmedia Works | May 14, 2013

Royal Koas, the most renowned office furniture brand in India has unveiled its boutique store"œLuxury Living"having an impeccable store design coupled with high end luxury products.

Luxury Living, the boutique store is an extension of Royal Koas which imports internationals brands from various countries for its customers here. Measuring 20,000 sq.ft. at 2/3 W.H.S. Kirti Nagar in New Delhi, the entire store is divided into four floors with sections dedicated to sofa, beds & dining table, centre table, cabinet, carpet, accessories, outdoor furniture, modular office furniture, accent chairs etc. Luxury Living by Royal Koas is the only company in India which procures all the European brands and provides the customers an undoubted luxury in each of its hand crafted masterpieces such as A&X, Camel, Lema, Pablo and so on. Jatin Bhatia, the co-owner of Luxury Living by Royal Koas, shares, "The store is strategically located in the heart of the largest furniture market in Asia. As the market is flooded with furniture stores across Kirti Nagar, it became imperative for us to highlight Luxury Living by Royal Koas as a one stop solution for all the brands available under one roof. The store has been intricately designed keeping in mind the objective of turning your dreams and imagination into reality which means makeover of your house to a beautiful home.”

The store takes on subtle yet classy look, starting from the front facade as the designs are in consonance with the modern contemporary lifestyle giving it a vibrant finish. From outside, the customers get a glimpse of the entire store at the entrance, where a large glass facade has been intentionally created to attract footfalls. The decor of the outlet not only reflects how one may enhance the home interior, but displays the store's offering in a soothing and calm ambience. In this regard, Jatin informs, "The designer aimed to create something sparkling, colourful and unique to create a sense of excitement in customers. The design team revolved the designing elements around the furniture, which was brought at first go. The store has a lavishing office space and a lobby with LCD's installed for prominent display of interior furniture. To enhance the store experience all the sections like cash counter, lobby, office has been designed according to vastu. The seating arrangement of the store is aesthetically built keeping with the modular concept. Special emphasis has been given to the reception desk and the cash counter which is located on the extreme right of the ground floor with CCTV installed and WiFi connectivity.”

The lightning strategy has been divided into two levels, one is product specific lightning which highlights the displays and the selling areas and the second level is for illuminating the entire space. Mood lighting has been created with the use of chandeliers, while wall highlighters have added a new dimension and sparkle to the store decor. The designing approach kept throughout the retail destination is practical, but based on strong ideas and clear concepts. Starting from the beautiful handmade paintings on wall to patterned marble laid in all three floors, the design philosophy of the brand springs alive every minute in the store which is in sync with contemporary arts and accessories.

"To mark the presence of international brands in the Indian market and successfully leverage the brand equity of Luxury Living by Royal Koas has been a challenge for us, which we have turned into an opportunity within a very short span of time and even tasted success. The company has a network of more than 140 dealers covering the whole of India. To create awareness among the masses and raise the graph level of our sales and productivity prompted us to come up with this new store concept based on a simple insight to bring international brands all under one roof. Since the store launch saw several enthusiastic lifestyle lovers which comprises of eminent personalities, fashion and hair designers making the event a grand success, our clients are becoming more demanding in terms of imported goods as Indian market is huge & there is no dearth of customers seeking for more innovative products. Today with a plethora of products which are unique have catapulted Luxury Living not only as the premier store in Delhi but also a name to reckon with. In a short span of time Luxury Living has scaled to great heights with overwhelming response from every nook and corner of Delhi NCR,” Jatin concludes.

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