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Madhuban: For all that glitters and enchants…

By Retail4Growth Team | July 26, 2019

Designed by Mumbai-based multidisciplinary firm Ornate Projects LLP, the idea behind the concept was to highlight the jewellery collection in an ornate, dream-like environment.

MadhubanLocated in Mumbai, Madhuban by Manubhai Jewellers, a jewellery boutique store spread across 2500 sqft, has been designed to showcase the jewellery collections while creating a space that evokes an enchanted feel.

Designed by Mumbai-based multidisciplinary firm Ornate Projects LLP, the store layout has clean lines and well- designed sections, while the entrance foyer hosts a specially commissioned ‘pichhwai’ depicting Shrinathji. The wall is clad with cow motifs dipped in gold leaf reflecting the design on the ‘pichhwai’.

MadhubanSpeaking about the concept, Bhakti Bhojwani, Partner of Ornate Projects LLP said, “While defining the concept we assumed to have two concentric circles, and in the interior circle we placed the grand entrance foyer along with the circular display counter that’s divided into four parts. In the outer circle we have display units along with the boutique suites and a changing room.”

She further added, “Broadly speaking we have two sections -one huge central area that divides itself into various display units for the jewellery collection and another boutique suite named after the Goddess of wealth, Laxmi. The changing room is conceptualized in such a way that a visitor can walk in and try on our designer wear and match with the jewelry they would like to purchase for the ultimate experience.”

MadhubanThe space is designed with well-lit glitterati. Without giving it a miss, aura of the space strikes a perfect balance between the precedence of products imparting a sense of grandeur amidst simplicity. Every nook and corner are shining. The drama has been highlighted by its mirrors.

“Being a jewellery boutique mirrors play a major role. We placed extra clear Venetian mirror that go so well with the look and feel of the space along with floor to ceiling mirrors in the outer space. The boutique suites host specially commissioned ornate wood carved mirror frames black splashed with Sabya wallpaper,” says the designer.

MadhubanLighting taking the lead for the embellishment. “Inspired from the jewellery pieces and diamond cuts as one walks in, there is this massive opulent chandelier that we designed for this boutique. It is a huge 7 ft. in circumference installed with baguette-cut Swarovski’s,” comments Bhakti.

The boutique suite flooring is wrapped in limited edition rose marble while the rest of the space has this perfectly picked crème Italian marble. The ceiling in the entrance foyer complements with specially commissioned ornate wooden mouldings placed in a diamond formation with mirrors in the niche that reflects the specially commissioned pichhwai and the other design elements. The flowers flow flawlessly over the beams, the columns imparting femininity giving the boutique a vibe and the third dimension. These flowers are specially handmade on-site. The side walls are surrounded with display units. While the center of attraction is the chandelier placed in between with its larger than life chandelier character.

Madhuban“As we enter the boutique this central display is designed as a circle divided into four parts that unite together into a display. This hosts new-arrivals and the statement pieces of each collection of Madhubani for the clients to glance to get an idea of what would they like to see,” she said.

What makes it more interesting is the insta-frame. The insta-frame reminds of queen and kings of the yesteryears stepped out of their kingdom all decked up for an auspicious ceremony giving a glimpse of their presence to the viewers who envy them. The julla,the chairs, the coffee table in the insta-frame are in house designed ornate carved for this Royal boutique rendering grandeur air.

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