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Makeover @ Benetton

By Susmita Das | Vjmedia Works | November 25, 2013

Benetton, the Italian fashion retailer, has updated its store concept in its flagship store at Vasant Vihar, in New Delhi to respond to the challenging market conditions in the competitive Indian fashion apparel market.

This Vasant Vihar store concept which was initially designed by Piero Lissoni is given a complete new interpretation to enhance the Benetton experience for the Indian consumer.  

"Basant Lok complex at Vasant Vihar, New Delhi was once upon a time one of the most important market in Delhi that slowly started to lose out to the newly operational swanky malls in the neighborhood that offered a complete experience to the family. The store was renovated to pump in a fresh life to the slowly declining market. We believe that strength of the brand and ever evolving design parameter adapts to take on all sorts of competition and the organization expects that the renovation will again improve walk-in at the market for the experience of the store. Many brands who wound up their operations from the market will now reevaluate decision taken and we will revive the market with an unprecedented experience. The change has begun and others will come back soon,” explains Animesh Ikshit, Sr. G. M. Projects and VM, Benetton India Pvt. Ltd.

Spread over an area of 7000sq.ft. , the store is spread over 5 floors each featuring a different category of store offering. The basement presents the menswear collection leading to the ground floor which is a preview floor for the new arrivals. The first floor is dedicated to women's fashion, while the second floor offers its collection of kids wear. The third floor houses the back of house facility for stocks and staff.

The imposing store façade with clean and modern lines featuring prominent branding presents the brand as bold and contemporary. A combination of open back and closed windows show precursors of the latest fashion statements presented across the different categories inside the store. Changing light color kinetics in the store front windows help draw attention to the brand flagship during the peak evening hours.

The store color palette is monochromatic and rendered with highlights in forms and non-luster textures like leather, wood and metal to create a premium fashion store. Shaggy rugs, embossed signage and fashion shoot visuals help create interesting highlights in the environment.

"Since the engineering is originally designed by the aforementioned architect the concept cannot be given another name but a new version of Lissoni. Here natural light has intelligently been used to reduce burden on electrical consumption, the LED lights have been locally developed and illuminates furniture beautifully,” further shares Animesh. The fitting room have optional mood lighting that change at the flick of a switch that helps customers to experience the fashion garments in different scenes.

Prudent initiatives have been taking in the store air-conditioning design of the shop, using energy efficient VRV system and air pockets for natural insulation, to minimize power consumption of the building.

Overall, Benetton has brought its international brand experience presented in an updated and premium environment that featured its latest fashion collections across all its categories to attracted more fashion discerning customers.


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