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Of Mughalai aromas and grand royalty

By Retail4Growth Bureau | February 03, 2023

Aromas of Biriyani, a specialty restaurant designed by 4Dimensions Retail Design, evokes the grandeur of Hyderabadi art and architecture and seeks to enhance the experiential flavour for its patrons

Aromas of Biryani, restaurant front

The grandeur of India’s royal past is very often the muse for restaurant design; the basic idea being to enhance the flavour of gastronomical delights offered with a matching ambience and the right experiential recipe. 

Aromas of Biryani restaurant's inside 2 seaters arrangement

This project by 4Dimensions (4D) Retail Design for Aromas of Biriyani, a specialty restaurant that specializes in North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, is all about capturing the essence of a royal past. The restaurant aimed to offer their guests a memorable experience by evoking the grandeur associated with the royalty of India. 4D translated that vision into a space that is inspired from the grandeur of Hyderabadi art and architecture. 

House of Biryani's Dining area with TV for customer entertainment

Here is a quick break-up of the design elements, as shared by 4D

Material Matters  House of Biryani's inside

The theme has been presented in a contemporized interpretation with a palette comprised of wood, brass, embellishments, metal filigree, cane wicker work and textures - basically materials that deliver the grandeur associated with marquee cuisine.

Lighting tells the story 

House of Biryani's inside Lighting

A boutique lighting concept helps draw attention to the storytelling through the architecture and imagery in the dining environment.  

Attractive lighting to enhance dining experience Overall spatial narrative 

House of Biryani's lighting for great dining ambience The restaurant, spread across 3500 square feet across 2 levels, has a seating capacity of 110 guests.  The layout, based on the mix of guest groups expected, offers 2-seaters, 4-seaters and premium private dining areas that seat 8 to 18 guests gathered to celebrate a special occasion. 

 16 seater arrangement by restaurant As 4D sums it up, “A curated menu, offering over 20 types of Biriyanis to choose from, personalized hospitality and an inspiring environment help complete the experience of the celebratory indulgence for the guests.”

Attractive lighting for immersive dining experience


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