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OSAA: A colourful weave of modern and ethnic

By Nabamita Chatterjee | Vjmedia Works | August 01, 2013

The textured interiors of fashion studio den Osaa, symbolise trust, love, joy and life depicted through a well thought out design that fuses the contemporary with the traditional.

Osaa, the Indian ethnic wear brand launched recently represents the feel of a high-end fashion studio, created soulfully and intended to make a mark among women who are fashion conscious but are rooted in tradition.

Being strategically positioned in an uncluttered area, away from the regular competitors at 11/1B/2 East Topsia Road in Kolkata, the brand manages to target their niche crowd. The 3000 sq.ft fashion den Osaa, which means dewdrops, has been conceptualised around the theme of four colours, which is depicted through the front signage as well as the interiors , representing  blue for trust, red for love, yellow for joy and green for life.

As one enters the showroom, the wall on the left side in the lounge area is decked with cover pages of international fashion magazines in black and white along with classic frames depicting the colours. These juxtapose monochromatic shades with vibrancy. Further, the decor of the lounge extended till the reception area, has vividly captured the enigmatic culture and hotspots of Kolkata and connects the retail destination with its origin.

Adarsh Makharia, Director of Osaa who jointly conceptualised the project with Kiran Gada, the Interior Designer, states, "Our aim was to create the interiors in such a way that the customers should experience a fashionable journey while travelling through the brand store. As the base-line of our concept was to develop the modern-vintage studio, the whole collection is very contemporary having a traditional feel represented through the decor.”

At Osaa, the main display section with white textured interiors and intricate wall graphics emphasising hand embroidery with detailed finishing, especially thread work,  which is also their USP, perfectly match the vibrant collection range in fabrics like silk, chiffon and net which are on display.

The logo of Osaa in four colours placed on the mirrored wall with thread, creates the highlight in the central division of the store. Interesting props like the sewing machine and a'charka' immensely enhances the vintage feel. The exclusive meeting room, where customers may sit and can take a break, is meant to inspire with black and white wall paper depicting wisdom from different countries.

"Every part of the store has been well thought out visually, be it the lighting arrangement with the use of vintage chandelier charmingly complimenting the decor, or the wall posters depicting two wings of a butterfly and a woman having monochromatic shade and the four logo colours being placed side by side. Thus each wall communicates an inherent message about how one sees life. The whole project took us one and a half years to bring to life. We want to have a global reach with this brand and also in every part of our country very soon,” signs off Adarsh Makharia.

Photographs - Madhumita Chatterjee


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