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Resetting brand Casio

By Elke Moebius | Vjmedia Works | May 22, 2015

The store design revitalises Casio's brand image by adding colour, energy and style to capture the brand's new vision and personality, yet keeping it recognisable by maintaining its signature elements.

As a brand name'Casio' is synonymous with electronic keyboards and also a mid-segment watch brand with popular sub-brands like G-shock, Baby G, Enticer, Sheen, Youth to name a few. Casio's current brand portfolio includes a wide assortment of products from calculators to watches, cameras to synthesizers. To the consumer, who desires innovative electronic products with style and functionality, the brand offers trendsetting and durable electronic solutions that allow one to capture, create and colour his life. Casio's vison in the next five years is to evolve from a mass-market consumer electronics manufacturer to a global provider of dynamic, stylish and rugged products.  

The store design brief underlined the development of a concept store for the brand in order to reset the retail experience and tone for Casio's premium sub-brands. The in-house design team of Delhi based Satin Neo Dimensions created and executed Casio's new retail design concept. The 1500 sq ft store is one of the biggest Casio stores in Asia wherein the client's goal of giving the store a total new look has been fully justified.

Nidhi Khanna, AVP, Business, Satin Neo Dimensions said, "Our main objective was to create a store with a concept to elevate, differentiate and create excitement  around the Casio brand along with leveraging Casio's innovative products and premium sub brands.” The store front makes a bold statement of the new Casio experience with a singular bold statement of the brand with a generous view of the upgraded ambience.  The store interiors is conceived in a palette of warm wood, bold colour highlights to add a dash of drama and excitement visually to the in-store experience.

The store is laid out into logical category zones like watches, calculators, clocks and an exclusive music zone. The tonality of presentation and design in each of them renders the differentiation through colours and textures and flows one from the other to give a tepid yet exploratory feel to the whole store. The special music section, endorsed by maestro AR Rehman, showcases their leading musical instruments which customers could try and play. Further to this, the live music lounge for the electronic keyboards and pianos was specially designed where customers could play them and experience the quality of Casio technology.

Product presentation was conceptualized as an uncluttered combination of recessed windows, dynamic digital communication and open type to ensure customers were led through the entire store through the complete range of Casio featured in the store. Sub-brand marketing communication and product features complemented the brand for each category by different graphic imagery for each. Colours and interesting imagery created a different signature for each sub category.

Afaque Ansari, Project Manager, Casio India fronted the making of the Casio store through its share of challenges in terms of design to delivery timelines and coordination during the store build. A 30-day timeline for the execution which comprised of a significant part about 75 per cent was designed to be built on site. This put pressure on multiple agencies working in parallel.

The final concept realization was well received by customers who appreciated the resetting of the Casio brand imagery and experience.



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