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Tresmode: Fluidity, fashion and footwear

By Fairy Dharawat | Vjmedia Works | 2 | May 27, 2013

Located on Bandra Linking Road, the brand's latest exclusive outlet is designed by creating a fluidic and dynamic space using state of art materials to project the shoes as the hero.

Trèsmode, the shoe brand known for its chic and luxury range, aimed for a store with an international and premium feel to match the product line and this is exactly what it achieved with its new store located in one of the best known high streets in the country - Bandra Linking Road, Mumbai. The store design was planned to ensure each product got maximum visibility. Measuring 1000 sq ft and designed by Kaleido architecture, the Tresmode shoe store is a light and open space enabling good customer interaction with the shoes. 

Decoding global luxury retail design trends, the store was designed by creating a fluidic and dynamic space using state of art materials to project the shoes as the hero. Innovative yet durable and visually appealing materials were used to give a chic look. Powder coated Aluminum sheets were used for display shelves, while Euroceil stretch ceiling materials were used for backlit display and duco painted plywood for undulating wave texture above the backlit sinusoidal display. The graphics and the purple Tresmode brand color enhance the visual appeal, without giving a cluttered look. The ceiling and the floor were given a grey rugged texture to contrast with the white sleek wall displays.

The store has four huge columns in the centre of the square space. Shivangi Narke Gorti - Principal Architect, Kaleido Architecture, says, "We had to design the layout so that the columns are either smartly hidden or visually enhanced so that they cause minimum hindrance in the sales floor area. So we planned the store room to accommodate two of the columns. One of the column became the starting point for the window display and the one left in the middle of the sales floor area was converted into a conical reflective feature which also is a seating for trials. Another challenge was how to make a store front design that stands out on a crowded high street location like Linking Road, Bandra. So we designed the facade to be minimally stark with just a logo placed on a cantilever ledge. We have used dull gold Altobond cladding and a Tresmode Brand color ledge.”

The key element is the sinusoidal curved display that starts from the entrance of the store and takes the visitor on a journey along it. This stark white light wall provides a perfect backdrop to display the vibrant and beautiful form of the shoes. It is a display system made of Euroceil stretch ceiling translucent material and 4mm powder coated aluminum shelves. The shelves are designed to be minimal in thickness and painted white to give the shoes a floating effect. The floor in contrast was given a rugged finish. The curvilinear wall takes you to the centre of the store which has a purple (Tresmode brand color) free-form seating for shoe trials. 

Adds Shivangi, "We researched on the typical display system in shoe stores and what they lack visually as well as material wise. The display shelves are usually not well lit or they are too thick and bold which overpowers the shoes. The materials used have to be efficient in maintenance as shoe marks tend to be seen all across the display shelves. The graphics are also typically too overpowering. We wanted a display that almost disappears yet highlights the shoes and are easy to maintain. We studied what kind of merchandise could be displayed and in which best way to connect with the customers. We also looked at what should be the distance between each shoe so that it gets justified attention. The visuals in the store also have to complement the design as well as the merchandise but not overpower or make the store look cluttered. We used these guidelines to come up with a design strategy that is bold and unique yet highlights the brand and merchandise without adding any clutter.”

Shoe trials which are an important part of the selling process too had to be considered while designing the seating elements. As the location of the store is on crowded high street, a provision for at least 16-18 customers seating was required. Thus there is ample seating provided in the form of freestanding movable poufs. Ample mirrors too had to be placed around strategically in the store around the trial area.
Ambient light was achieved through the backlit display element and gallery style track lights are used as accent lighting while a chandelier is used as decorative lighting which paired with the purple sofa forms the focal point in the trial area. According to Kapil Mahtani, CEO, Tresmode, the store helped reinforce the brand positioning and helped the brand get the products more visible. He further added that they plan to expand this concept to all their stores gradually. 

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