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Wedgwood’s tea-room concept is artless yet self-articulated

By Retail4Growth Team | August 31, 2020

Designed by Checkland Kindleysides, Wedgwood’s new pilot store and tea room experience at Shenzhen, China is a dawn of innovation in global retail concept. The store design delivers an experience that is inviting yet quirky.

Wedgwood’s new pilot store and tea room experience at Shenzhen in China, designed by Checkland Kindleysides is a dawn of innovation in global retail concept. The brand aims for a pleasurable ambience inviting the style-savvy audience, universally.

Joe Evans, Creative Director of the designing firm stated, “The striking feature of the project is the Tea room. It is designed based on a real-world expression of the brand itself that embraces the idea creativity, self-expression, humour and lots of tea. We’ve taken cues from zones that people create in their own homes to deliver a bold yet quirky experience that will fascinate and inspires people to shop.”

The innovative space amalgamates bold patterns with meek designs along with various fabrics and surface textures. The project is an equilibrium of minimalism and maximalism and reflects genuineness and modernism.

“The new concept stresses on the relevance of experience over the act of selling. Therefore, major focus was given on the restoration of key zone areas; the Garden Room, the Pantry and the Tea Emporium which extends into the full-grown Tea Room, to elevate the experience of touch, taste and feel,” Joe added

The Tea room is a unique concoction of resilient visual articulations of the brand’s horticultural connections. The placement of feature wallpapers, animated flowers and buzzing bees playing in the LED alcoves of the main retail space creates a blooming experience. The installation of crittal style window in the hospitality space offers more privacy to customers.








On reviewing their new store, Päivi Svens, Vice President of Business & Offerings at Fiskars Group said, “I am delighted to unleash the new store and tea room that will encourage conversations and inspire people to focus more on their own homes and become confident expressing their own personal style.”

The unique renovation elevates the product without disorientating or over-designing it. It portrays a luxurious craft of exclusive invention that permits consumers to shop with a calming beverage experience.




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