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A journey of collaborations & focused offerings

By Sakshi Sanghavi | June 18, 2024

The result of a successful merger of two entities - Yash Electronics and Shreeji International - Lumocast Digital Signage Pvt. Ltd., has fast carved a name for itself in the digital signage space. Chirag Shah, Managing Director, Lumocast Digital Signage, shares his insights with Retail4Growth on how the company plans on integrating retail spaces with digital technology.

<b>Chirag Shah of Yash Electronics and Avchar Vaviya of Shreeji International</b>

Success in the digital signage market is the result of many components – technology expertise, strategic collaborations and close understanding of market needs, among others. These are the very same factors that have propelled Lumocast Digital Signage Pvt. Ltd. to reach new milestones in this space.   

In a recent interview with Retail4Growth, Chirag Shah, Managing Director ofLumocast Digital Signage, provided insights into the company’s specialised focus on indoor digital signage solutions and their impact on the industry.

Lumocast Digital Signage Pvt. Ltd. essentially emerged from the merger of two established entities: Yash Electronics and Shreeji International. Yash Electronics brought its advanced technology and expertise in digital display solutions, while Shreeji International contributed its extensive networks and deep industry connections. This strategic merger, facilitated by Chirag Shah of Yash Advertising and Avchar Vaviya of Shreeji International, enabled Lumocast to rapidly establish itself as a leader in the indoor digital signage market. 

Customised Solutions for Indoor Environments

Talking about providing customised digital solutions for indoor environments, Chirag said, "Lumocast’s expertise lies in tailoring digital signage solutions specifically for indoor environments. Utilising crystal-liquid technology, our displays prioritise clarity, picture quality, and smoothness. This enhances the visual appeal and user experience in close-proximity settings such as retail spaces, corporate environments, and public venues. Our focus is on providing displays that deliver vivid and sharp images, ensuring that the content is engaging and easily readable, even from a short distance. This level of detail is particularly important in retail spaces, where digital signage can influence purchase decisions, and in corporate settings, where clear communication is vital."

Integrated Development Approach and Sustainability

Explaining Lumocast’s approach to sustainability, Chirag explained, "Our integrated approach to development, encompassing in-house solutions for hardware, software, and cloud-based systems, ensures product reliability and underscores our commitment to technological innovation within the Indian market. By managing the entire development process internally, we maintain high standards of quality control and can rapidly adapt to technological advancements. We promote long-lasting displays that reduce the environmental footprint compared to traditional print media, aligning with global sustainability goals.” 

As Chirag informed, the company’s displays are designed to be energy-efficient and durable, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising waste. This not only ensures environmental benefits, but also cost savings for clients.  

Diverse Product Range and Local Manufacturing

Highlighting their significant range of products, Chirag explained, "Our product range spans from compact 10.1-inch displays to expansive 100-inch screens, all featuring our proprietary crystal-clear technology. This diverse range allows us to cater to a wide variety of indoor settings, from small retail kiosks to large corporate boardrooms. We are committed to local manufacturing, with panels, hardware, and software produced domestically. This strategy supports quality control and responsiveness to local market demands, ensuring that our products are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Local manufacturing also allows us to contribute to the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint associated with transportation."

Market impact and strategic partnerships

Speaking about the company’s growth journey and the value of partnership, Chirag said, "Despite being a newcomer, we have quickly gained traction in the digital signage sector, introducing 34 distinct models in a short period. This rapid growth is attributed to our ability to innovate and adapt quickly to market demands. Our success is also due to strategic collaborations that enhance our technological expertise and market reach.” 

“By partnering with leading technology firms and industry experts, we can incorporate the latest advancements into our products and provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of clients across various sectors,” he added, elaborating on the role of strategic partnerships.  

Future vision

Finally sharing the company’s future plans, Chirag said, "Looking ahead, we aim to solidify our leadership in indoor digital signage technology through continuous innovation and customer-centricity. Our goal is to set new standards for reliability, visual quality, and user engagement in indoor digital displays. By focusing on the needs and preferences of our customers, we ensure that our solutions are not only technologically advanced, but also user-friendly and highly effective.” 

Summing up the company’s vision, Chirag added, “By integrating advanced technology with sustainable practices, Lumocast seeks to shape the future of digital communication in India and beyond. We envision a future where digital signage plays a central role in communication strategies across industries."



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