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Artdeco to have 700 stores in the next two yrs

By Rita G Chauhan | April 05, 2018

Artdeco group, a German leader in cosmetic market is all set to strengthen its position in the Indian market. Sascha Reinhard, Managing Partner, bei & ICB Innovative Cosmetic Brands GmbH and member of Artdeco Cosmetic Group speaks about the expansion plans.

German-based cosmetic market leader Artdeco Group is looking to multiply options to strengthen its presence in the Indian market. From the existing 300+ stores all over India the company plans to expand up to 700 stores within the next 2 years. In an interaction with retail4growth team, Sascha Reinhard, Managing Partner, bei & ICB Innovative Cosmetic Brands GmbH and member of Artdeco Cosmetic Group speaks about the company’s future expansion plans

Brief us about Artdeco Group and the top beauty brands under its flagship. 

Under Artdeco we have 5 major brands which are BeYu, ANNY, Make Up Factory, Mysslin and Malu Wilz. Basically Artdeco Group has been Germany’s cosmetic market leader with multiple brands. It has a strong network of customers around the world about in more than 60-70 countries. The company has launched its cosmetic brands including BeYu- a colour cosmetic brand, Malu Wilz-premium skincare brand, and recently launched Makeup Factory – a premium colour cosmetics brand and Anny- nail colour brand. We are expanding business in India with our associated group partner Kaunis as we see India as a high potential market. 

How Artdeco Group is working together with Kaunis Marketing Services under partnership? 

We partnered with Kaunis to strengthen our presence by catering to the modern trade market demands by opening our store across India. We coordinate with Kaunis in all relevant steps which are needed to establish our brand in India. Together we are reinvesting about 40% of the total revenue back into marketing and product development. Kaunis helps in all sphere of business from import, marketing, distribution, pricing and logistics  etc.

Tell us in detail about Make up Factory and ANNY brands entry in India and plans for their retail expansion.

ANNY launch just happened in March. ANNY will be available in 300 + stores were you also can find BeYu. For Makeup Factory we plan to open stand alone stores in all major cities this year.

What is your retail marketing strategy for strengthening market presence and sales? 

Primarily we are investing in the opening of new stores. Our strongest point is that we have a sales force of 350 + beauty advisors under the roof of Kaunis marketing Ltd.

Which business format you are following to expand? 

From the existing 300+ stores all over India we plan to expand up to 700 stores within the next 2 years. For BeYu we have all the chains like Lifestyle, Central, Health & Glow as well as selected beauty stores. Additionally at present, we are operating business at more than 15 kiosks all over India.

Where you are planning to open new outlets? 

We are planning to open new outlets all over the country including Delhi, Mumbai,  Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat,  Lucknow, Kanpur, Chandigarh and all other




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