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Enhanced brand stores amplify customer dwell time by 83% says ODN report

By Retail4Growth Bureau | January 31, 2024

The study by ODN, the e-Commerce content creator and specialist in ‘Shop-Now Content™, focuses on e-commerce brands content across various marketplaces and 25 different categories and highlights the lack of diverse content across marketplaces.

ODN, an e-commerce content creator and specialist in ‘Shop-Now Content™, has come up with an E-Commerce Content Analysis report. The report focuses on e-commerce brands content across various marketplaces and 25 different categories comprising of Home and kitchen, Beauty and wellness, Apparel, Footwear, Grocery, Toys, Watches, Health and Personal care. The leading e-Commerce and Quick Commerce marketplaces analysed were Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, Swiggy, Instamart, Bigbasket, Zepto, and more. 

The report comes after an analysis on parameters like Titles, Bullet, Description, Images and Infographics, A+/RPD, Brand Store, Brand Story, Enriched Content etc. ODN has used tools like Helium 10, Nitti Gritti, and Amazon Brand Analytics to analyse the e-commerce content of Brands.

Narinder Mahajan, CEO & Co-Founder, ODN, highlights that this report is ground breaking and further says, “ODN is making a concerted effort to assist retailers and e-commerce platforms in grasping the significance of using proper digital content, images, and videos to boost their sales. This report analyses the important factors to be considered by brands and platforms that will enable their sales growth.”  

Based on the categories, the outcome is as below, specifying the various important aspects of content creation for e-Commerce platforms:

CUSTOMER PAIN POINTS - Product quality issues, packaging issues, image & text mismatch, missing industry standard Information were some of the pain points focussed on. The research showed that 91.3% of the brands failed to address the real customer pain points in their PDP content. 

Customer pain points

TEXT CONTENT IN PDP – The ‘Product Display Page’ factors were analysed on how the text content should be. The relevant factors taken under consideration were; Titles of the listing product, Bullet points to highlight the important USP of the product, Description about detailed specification of the product and Usage of the brand.

Text content in PDP

The analyses showed that an average of 84% of the brands have ineffective titles, bullet points and descriptions along with violating Amazon style guidelines, Non-SEO friendly content and not using e-Commerce best practices.

IMAGES & INFO-GRAPHICS - Approximately 67.54% of brands failed to meet minimum image standards, while 100% exhibited design and copy imperfections, underscoring a pervasive shortfall in content quality across the board.

A+ ENRICHED CONTENT - 56.67% of brands exhibited absence in 5 essential modules, with all issues in design and copy, while 98.55% lacked crucial lifestyle elements. 

According to the company, these findings underscore the significant imperative for content enhancements across the board.  A+ Content is an important factor that enables the brands to tell their story, encourage repeat purchases and potentially increase sales by 8% by using rich content.

VIDEO AVAILABILITY - 35.3% of the brands did not have any video on Amazon listing. The study says that 40% of shoppers click on the listing video and 80% of shoppers watch the whole thing.

BRAND STORE AVAILABILITY - Around 26% of brands operated without a dedicated brand store, yet the majority failed to leverage their complete capabilities. Introducing enhanced brand stores has proven to amplify customer dwell time by 83% and increase sales by 35% per visitor, showcasing their potential for substantial improvement. Amazon Stores allow you to showcase your brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience.



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