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‘Mindful sustainability will be more than a buzz word and become a strategy’

By Retail4Growth Bureau | January 08, 2024

Huzefa Merchant, Founder - INSYNC Shop Fitting, shares why he feels very positive about 2024 as far as the Indian retail growth story is concerned. 

Huzefa Merchant

The Indian story in 2023 has been one of growth & optimism. Despite a few geo political factors threatening growth prospects, the self sustenance of India and its growing role in international trade as a manufacturing hub will continue to be strong. In fact India will continue to be a preferred trade partner for those looking to de-risk their business from China, and one can expect an upward curve for the Indian growth story.  

In line with India’s growth prospects, we at INSYNC have made significant investments in our plant & machinery, design & management software, as well as in the training and development of our team. 

Splash, Dubai Mall. Picture courtesy: INSYNC

We’ve had a stellar 2023 & look forward to an even better 2024.

Mindful Sustainability 

I personally believe that brands are embracing sustainability and digitization more mindfully now and this trend will continue into 2024. 

Mochi  store, New Delhi. Pic Courtesy: INSYNC

Mindful sustainability is when it goes beyond being a buzz word and becomes a strategy. We have seen that with the brands we are associated with, and our conversations about the future are certainly leaning in that direction as well.

Our electrified shop fittings have been used strategically by both brands and designers to achieve specific goals such as integrated digitalization or energy reduction instead of using them simply for the sake of beautification. We have fit-out stores across three continents and have seen a more strategic approach towards the integration of lighting into shop fittings for product enhancement. The focus is essentially on digital signage powered by our systems to replace print media and create a more cost effective, instant roll-out of in-store communication campaigns.  This trend will in fact grow stronger. 

Vision Express, Jio World Drive, Mumbai. Pic Courtesy: INSYNC

We have consolidated our learnings from the past and have created our systems and processes to improve and empower the future of retail, stronger than ever. My outlook towards the future is certainly positive.



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