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‘Need SPOC with accountability‘

By Retail4Growth Team | April 12, 2019

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) with accountability is among the major wishes listed out by Sudhir Soundalgekar, Director – Projects, Raymond, as he shares with VM&RD his expectations from retail solution providers and fit-out vendors.

Sudhir SoundalgekarExpectations from fit-out partners:
As far as fitouts are concerned and speaking from the Raymond perspective, I’d say that I look into 3 aspects and they are: time, cost and the desired quality. These are the three most important parameters for any fitout contractor working with the brand. Secondly, the vendor should have a value engineering based approach towards reduction in cost and timeline. Sometimes we have expectations regarding certain materials or methodologies, but fitout vendors have the practical knowledge and know the type of engineering needed, which will help save time and cost. That is why their approach has to be based on value engineering.

Also, it is difficult to find consistency in quality across vendors in different regions. For example, if I am working with say X vendor in Mumbai, I struggle to find a vendor in another place, who will give me the same quality or the same price. So contractors who have got the reach or have tie-ups with contactors from other regions should be able to able to give the same quality with the same pricing which can help maintain consistency across my stores.

Another important aspect is having a single point of contact, or what we call SPOC, with the accountability. This is because when there are too many supervisors at every site, then coordination becomes difficult for the team.

Finally, being able to source alternative materials locally would be very beneficial to the client, as it may not be feasible to transport materials every time. I would also like to add here that because of vendors, we are there, so it works better as a partnership rather than as a vendor and client relationship. When that happens, then the relationship lasts for a longer time. But for this, the vendor should come with consistency in quality and timeline and also long-term commitment.

Missing factors in store execution or rollout:

If a vendor provides a turnkey solution, besides doing the store fitout, then that will definitely help them get a bigger purchase order. A bigger turnkey job will be profitable for the vendor. Also, it is easier to get the store fit out job done from one vendor, rather than getting it done from multiple vendors. We are not expecting designs, but right now fitout is limited to civil and carpentry work. If it can include other aspects and becomes more of a turnkey solution, then it will definitely be a good thing. The vendors should also be upfront about their proposal. This will help them get bigger proposals and better turnover.

Message to industry

First, vendors should be upfront about their capabilities. Also they should have a holistic approach towards any project, one that matches time, cost and quality parameters.

Secondly, even though some clients don’t pay handsomely, they should be patient because in the long run, it will be fruitful for them.

Finally, I’d say that innovation is required to show that they are different in their own way to compete in the industry.



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