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‘Neighbourhood stores are catching up’

By Swaminathan Balasubramanian | January 28, 2020

Even in a digital-enabled shopping environment, customers prefer purchasing a home appliance in their neighbourhood store, says S Subramanian, MD, Preethi Kitchen Appliances, in a chat with Retail4Growth

S Subramanian, MD, Preethi Kitchen AppliancesFounded in 1978, Preethi Kitchen Appliances under the brand name ‘Preethi’ is well known across 14 product categories including mixer-grinders, gas stoves, electric cookers, and tabletop grinders.

On the occasion of Deepavali, Preethi Kitchen Appliances launched the Preethi Zodiac 2.0 Mixer-Grinder, an upgrade of their best-seller, Preethi Zodiac Mixer-Grinder. Powered by Enrich+ Precision Grinding Menus that are programmed to have Calculated Rotation Control, the Mixer-Grinder delivers consistency and addresses the growing need for a healthier diet by enhancing the bio-availability of nutrients in daily food for better absorption.

Catering to the evolving shopper

The product upgrade is obviously a result of observing shopper trends, lifestyle and behaviour. As S Subramanian, MD, Preethi Kitchen Appliances, says, “Health and wellness are cutting across all sectors as health-conscious millennials are now taking on a more active role in managing their health – adopting a healthier diet, using organic products or exploring healthier cooking methods. Being industry forerunner, in the food preparation segment, we continuously invest to address consumer needs in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle.”

On shopping trends, he adds, “Customers are well-informed on the products even before they enter the showroom. Earlier, they would enter the showroom and buy whatever product would meet their kitchen needs. However, today there is a wide range of products available for the customers and they also want a customized product that suits them.”

Read the full report in January 2020 Edition of Point-of-Purchase Magazine.



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