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Power of VM: How clever curation & a little nudge does it for IKEA

By Retail4Growth Bureau | May 10, 2024

UK based Retail Consultant Ian Scott’s observations of VM’s effectiveness at the IKEA store in Warrington, England are spot on in terms of how VM actually does what it’s meant to – drive sales. They enforce the age old belief that success lies in the details and that VM is what VM does. 

IKEA is brilliant at visual merchandising and product display, but the VM team in Warrington seems to take things a step further.
Here are nine examples of the dozens I discovered:
Billy bookcase display is full of action super heroes with Spiderman sat out front. An eye catching way of illustrating diverse uses for this storage

Wooden pitched roof wall features to highlight the companies use of wood in products. Eye catching and relevant.

Wooden pitched roof wall

Movie Night floor display to accentuate the Big Night In occasion. Made to look like an old fashioned cinema facade, with a cisy lounge inside.

Movie Night floor display

The Sleep category has product information above the beds so you have to lie on the bed to read it. This encourages shoppers to test out the bed.

The Sleep category

Five essentials for a good night's sleep are showcased to educate shoppers about sleeping well. A large museum type display explains them in detail.

Five essentials for a good night's sleep are showcased to educate shoppers about sleeping wel

Kids meals in the restaurant are promoted on screen in the toy area, connecting the shoppers to eating at a relevant point of the journey.

Kids meals in the restaurant are promoted on screen in the toy area

Even cheap products get space from display and promotions, including £1.75 spray bottles.

Illuminated cotton wool clouds hover over beds to contextualize the sleep category. A typical IKEA treatment that has personality, visual appeal and relevance.

Miss Meatball features showcased how a young woman might fill her bedroom with glamorous clothing and accessories. A great way to illustrate the end use of functional bedroom furniture. Presenting end use of products gets far more engagement than simply showing the furniture.

glamorous clothing and accessories showcase

And finally, many of the fully merchandised room sets have a sign outside telling you the price for the whole room. I have heard that on many occasions, shoppers have purchased the whole lot. Evidence of the power of detail merchandising, clever curation and a little nudge to buy it all.


I could go on,there is so much visual engagement in this store, it's a best practice showroom for anyone interested in capturing attention and converting browsers into buyers.

SourceIan Scott on LinkedIn 



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