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Truvison to focus on Tier II and III markets

By Nabamita Chatterjee | April 16, 2018

Truvison, the Europe based consumer electronics & appliances company, entered Indian markets in 2016. Saurabh Kabra –Director– Business Operations India, Truvison chats up with to share more about the retail strategy and penetration of this brand.

Truvison, the Europe based consumer electronics & appliances company, entered Indian markets in 2016. Its product portfolio offers a comprehensive range of Consumer Durables with LED TVs, Home Audio & Home appliances available at all the major electronic stores and retailers across the country. Saurabh Kabra –Director– Business Operations India, Truvison chats up with to share more about the retail strategy and penetration of this brand. 

Tell us about the retail touchpoints of the brand in India?

Truvison has significantly created its own space in all the markets, majorly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. As a brand, recently emerged in the Indian market, our aim is to establish a firm foothold and to be available at the right touch points. Today Truvison has established its reach in every major city, urban and several rural areas against the brands which prefer the online route only, thus we have chosen both online as well as the traditional offline method. Speaking of greater awareness, we are currently working with the RCS and large-scale chain stores to magnify the visibility of our brand. Marking a digital divide in the market with the best price points, we have established a strong eco-system and built the right partner-approach, to reach the dynamic audience.  

Are you planning EBO’s for the brand?

We are constantly pacing towards expansion and channelizing effective distributional network. In fact, today we have partnered with excellent distribution network with sincere and committed dealers across Pan-India. However, currently, we do not have any plans to engage in retailing through exclusive brands outlets (EBOs), because we have always prioritized and focussed more on strengthening our distribution network further. As a brand, we may further evaluate this option, but not at the moment.

What is your take on the growth factors of this category when it comes to Indian market?

Indian market is highly cluttered with big and small names. As a result, the market is also highly challenging for the home-grown based brands and recently emerging brands. Truvison has created its own space in the retail space today and we make available the new and innovative products that catch the eye of the consumers especially in the consumer electronics segment; and ensure that the products are equipped with the latest technology that has entered the market.

Any further expansion of the product portfolio planned for this FY?

Truvison already has a diversified portfolio of consumer durables and electronics such as smart technology LED Televisions, Air conditioners and Audio system. We have recently launched washing machine as well. Furthermore, viewing the dynamics of the market, the next milestone to be achieved will be with the addition of refrigerators and air purifiers into the portfolio.

How do you think the in-store communication tools give an edge while connecting with the target audience for this category?

For In store Communication – ‘Location is Key’. The placement of the communication message is arguably the most important part of in-store communication planning. One might have a brilliant message and the perfect media vehicle, but if your target shoppers don't see it, then all of that remains irrelevant. While advertising attracts the audience it is the in store communication (or POP Communication) that attracts sales. It plays a very important role in influencing the consumer decision-making process. For us, with the increasing decline in sales support at the retail outlet, POP acts as a surrogate salesperson to make the final purchase. The POP communication has different roles to play - of informing, reminding, encouraging, creating excitement or interactivity and building store image etc assisting the final mile of the consumer for us.







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