Monday, July 16, 2018

ColorJet to showcase soft signage product line with Softjet digital printer

By Nabamita Chatterjee | Vjmedia Works | April 29, 2017

Softjet easily prints on polyester based fabrics, which can be recycled and uses environmental friendly aqueous based inks.

ColorJet India Ltd., one of the largest manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers in the country, is showcasing the Softjet digital printer at FESPA Hamburg, which is the company’s extension of its product line towards the soft signage product line. Softjet opens another business avenue of customized decorative fabrics for its users and comes in both 2.5 and 3.2 meter print width to target different market requirements. “We are showcasing Softjet to expand our product line and also to enable the entry of entrepreneurs in soft signage business at a lower investment,” Pavan Gupta at ColorJet India Ltd. said.

“The machine will prove to be attractive for producers of soft signage like flags, banners, hoardings, demo tents, vibrant backlits, etc., since nowadays; a lot of fabric is being used for events like weddings decorations, banquets, etc,” he added. Softjet is the solution to print directly on fabrics for soft signage business and optimised for replacement of PVC based media and applications like backlit displays and flexible displays can be printed on this machine. The printer comes with a proprietary AIVC technology for consistent print performance by maintaining constant jetting conditions even in varying environmental conditions. It has an automated feed and a take up system, synchronized with tension bars for unattended long print runs on various types of fabric. It also has a pneumatics control-based tension-bar on media feed and take up, to ensure consistent tension on fabric and automatically adjusts, based on type of fabric being used.

"We are using the Softjet Plus digital printer and it has proved to be an extremely versatile machine for printing soft signage and is a perfect replacement of PVC based media. We print both, backlit displays as well as flexible displays and also umbrellas, flags, banners, hoardings, canopies, etc.," Biju Thomas, Rights Concept Advertising LLC, Dubai, UAE, a customer of ColorJet stated.

"The Softjet digital printer has been able to deliver all signage needs of our customers, whether, mall drop downs, demo tents, hoardings, banners, flags and backlit boards and in the process has proved to be very helpful for our business," David Hornsey, Sales Director at Jetmark, Australia, another customer informed.



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