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Cotton Cottage plans to double its store count

By Smita Sinha | June 25, 2019

The handcrafted clothing brand aims to double its store count to 50 by 2021

Cotton CottageHandcrafted clothing brand Cotton Cottage aims to double its store count to 50 by 2021. It has recently opened its 22nd store in Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai and is opening three more stores by August taking the count to 25 stores this year.

“By this August we will have three more stores coming up, taking the tally to 25 and by 2021 we plan to double the strength to 50 stores. It took us 14 years to reach 25 stores because every fabric of ours is handprocessed driven so the production was limited. To keep our authenticity and USP we had to grow at a slower pace, but now we have ramped up our production and everything else has been taken care and we have achieved a lot. So now we can achieve the target of doubling our number of stores to 50,” Vishwas Khajanchi, Director, Cotton Cottage India Pvt Ltd told Retail4Growth.

Cotton Cottage wedged out its own identity in the setting nestled between two distinctively different categories of popular Indian clothing brands. Its new 535 square feet in Grand Central Mall turned out to be a harbinger of innovation in design and visual merchandising. The layout of merchandise was firmly based on the functionality of a storage based display involving stacking of clothing bearing varied colours and prints across a sizing bracket.

Read the detailed report on the design of Cotton Cottage’s 22nd store in the July 2019 edition of VM&RD magazine.



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