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Creating memorable customer experience is the key: Roya Sullivan and Scott Christopher Devine

By Retail4Growth Team | March 15, 2019

On the first day of the convention at In-Store Asia 2019, Roya Sullivan, National Window Director and Scott Christopher Devine, Senior Vice President – Visual Presentation delivered a joint session on ‘Macy’s Windows – Munificent, Effective and ROI-proof’

During the 1st day of the ISA 2019 edition, Roya Sullivan, National Window Director and Scott Christopher Devine, Senior Vice President – Visual Presentation, Macy’s delivers the joint session on ‘Macy’s Windows – Munificent, Effective and ROI-proof’. Scott began the presentation saying, “At Macy’s, we believe in the power of celebration, tradition and creating memorable customer experience. We create experiences that connects the heart and mind of our customer. So, when you think of Christmas, you think of Macy’s.”

Roya took the audience through the some of the examples of Macy’s Holiday Windows and touched on fabrication, what should be material to be used in creating the magnificent windows. Presenting the 2008 Holiday Window, Roya said, “The fabrication used in creating the well-crafted included wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic etc.”

Talking more about Macy’s, she said, “The tradition began in creating a Macy’s Holiday Window began in 1870s. Beside Holiday Windows, we also create animated windows and we have another 150 stores that have window capabilities over the seasonal changes and various other applications. Through Windows we tell a story and connect with the customer through an experience. We play a lot with material as well as scaling. In 2013 we began to integrate animation and LED screens in all our windows. Later, in 2014, we started integrating LED lightings in the windows.”

Sharing fun facts about Macy’s windows with the audience, Roya said, “It takes over 200 people to put together these windows. Starting from carpenters to electricians to craftsman and animators all of these people come together to put together these windows. It takes about 21 days to install the windows.”

She also highlighted that in Macy’s they want costumers to continue coming to Macy’s, experience the windows and hopefully pass it on to the their children and to their next generations. “We want customers from 9 years to 90 years to play with the window and interact and enjoy,” she said.



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