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Future Consumer launches body wash in braille friendly packaging

By Retail4Growth Team | January 08, 2019

The brand ThinkSkin in Braille friendly packaging is part of a new age FMCG 2.0 approach by Future Consumer and is carefully designed for easy access and recognition of the bottle by the visually impaired.

yhinkskinIn a bid to empower the consumer experience, Future Consumer Limited (FCL) has recently launched braille friendly packaging for their body wash brand, ThinkSkin. This is in line with the company’s vision of representing FMCG 2.0 industry.

Braille enabled ThinkSkin bottles is a new age FMCG 2.0 approach by FCL and is carefully designed for easy access and recognition of the bottle for the visually impaired. The Braille Packaged body washes will be available at Big Bazaar, Big Bazaar GenNXT, Nilgiris, Heritage and Easyday stores in the country.

The new range was unveiled through a special campaign featuring Ajay Kumar Reddy, Captain of Indian Men’s Blind Cricket Team highlighting the importance of the sense of touch.

“As a FMCG 2.0 company, we offer innovative products that make life easier for our consumers. Braille packaging is a small step towards assisting the visual impaired in their daily routine. As a brand ThinkSkin empowers consumers to upgrade to body wash at the price of the soap. We will soon introduce never seen before innovation in product and packaging that will take consumer experience to the next levelm,” Ashni Biyani, Managing Director, Future Consumer said.

Sharing his views, Keshav Biyani, Head – Home and Personal Care of Future Consumer said, “Advancements in technology gives us an opportunity to experiment not only with the core product but also with the packaging. Braille friendly products is just the tip of the iceberg. In the months to come consumers will experience products that will have a unique differentiation from what is currently available in the market.”

Priced at the rate of a soap, ThinkSkin is a contemporary body wash brand that aims to upgrade customers from using soap to body wash.

Staying in line with its inclusive approach, Future Consumer will soon be launching more braille friendly products in various other categories like spices, sauces and multiple home care products. 



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