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CaratLane ferries to Kashmir’s Shikara Experience

By Satarupa Chakraborty | August 22, 2018

CaratLane’s Noor-e-Kashmir window brings a piece of the idyllic valley featuring the boat ride experience of the fabled Dal Lake. The window has both static and kinetic versions.

To promote their new collection, Noor-e-Kashmir, omni-channel jewellery brand CaratLane recently brought Kashmir’s highlight experience, the shikara ride, to their VM scheme. The window, executed in both static and kinetic versions, features a shikara, waves of Dal Lake and a bunch of signature flowers of the valley.

Explaining the theme of the scheme, Radhika McGregor, VP – Customer Experience, CaratLane, shared with Retail4Growth, “Our window is planned to embody our new collection, Noor-e-Kashmir, which is inspired by the natural beauty of the valley. We have featured the shikara experience on Dal Lake and have executed the same theme in kinetic version for our mall stores, while the high street locations have been treated with static version. The kinetic window depicts the movement of the boat on the waves while the flowers sway above.”

Responsible for pan-India execution, Harjee Gandhi of HG Graphics told Retail4Growth, “Since we had to bring movements in the water waves, shikara and the flowers, we have used three individual motors to move three of these elements. We have gone into details like the benches inside the shikara, which are made of acrylic wrapped with prints. Most of the elements are made of sunboard and MDF, while we resorted to unusual elements like pipes to support the shikara.”

Execution: HG Graphics, New Delhi.



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