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Garnier's vibrant splash at retail

By Dipanjan Mukherjee | April 20, 2013

Garnier's Fructis Goodbye Damage makes a vibrant splash in stores aided by smart visibility solutions fabricated by Spectrum Scan.

Garnier has welcomed the scorching summer season with the launch of Goodbye Damage, the range introduced in the damage care segment. Introducing this range was meant as a timely answer to the consumer's need to beat the damage caused by the sun. The launch included three hair care products - shampoo, conditioner & oil (amla oil). In fact, this is the first time in the damage care segment in India that a range was unveiled with shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. 

 "Today, consumers are looking for great performing products with natural ingredients to solve their hair and beauty related problems. Amla is a well-known traditional hair care remedy in India and it has been emphasized across all our communication elements. The communication across media needed to highlight that Goodbye Damage repairs a year of damage in three washes with the goodness of amla as the natural ingredient. The amla ingredient therefore has been highlighted on key communication elements across various consumer touch points,” says Nathalie Gerschtein, General Manager at Garnier L'Oreal.

Essentially, Garnier wanted to communicate the launch of Goodbye Damage range by going all out for visibility. The range pops out from the shelves amidst the clutter. The color orange stands for happiness and this is the positivity the brand was looking to convey. Adding on the same lines, Nathalie Gerschtein says, "Orange colour also has a lot of positive connotations in India - Happiness, health, vitamins etc and hence saffron was the perfect colour to make this launch stand out.”

There was also the need to keep the message simple though impactful. "We were looking at a vibrant and self explanatory name for Goodbye Damage launch. What do people want? Get rid of hair damage, right? This is how we came up with Fructis Goodbye Damage!,” Nathalie explains.

As Nathalie says, the idea was to create varied POS elements to give a very strong visual key which is similar to the color of the bottles. Garnier along with Spectrum Scan used distinctive technology of print & form on PET-G for the FSUs in modern trade and this is the very first time that small and easy to install Window Frames have been introduced for penetration into smaller towns and nascent markets to boost visibility in stores.

Says Amit Shah, MD, Spectrum Scan, "The primary challenge we faced was printing & forming of Pack Bottle which had the huge size of 18” x 46.” The challenges were faced head on and the result is a sleek display grabbing instant attention.”

The unit in bright orange has three shelves with top branding on the right hand side. Amla has been the important element in all the communication and hence the bottom branding has three life size replicas of amlas.

The material used for the displays were MDF,HIPS & Metal brackets which gives the unit its sleek visibility. The units, that can easily stock 24 products under each category (Shampoo + OIL + Conditioner), were deployed Pan India in all General Trade and Modern trade outlets.



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