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Making a hero out of the fabric detergent

By Mohit Manghani | August 12, 2019

Future Consumer Limited recently launched a unique fashion-led laundry detergent called Voom. Ashni Biyani, Managing Director, Future Consumer Ltd, shares with Retail4Growth the company’s approach to retail and how it helps position the brand well.

VOOMWhat makes VOOM different from any other laundry detergent brand available in the market?

Detergents as a category are dominated by multinational brands. Traditionally, detergents in India has been all about stain removal and whiteness. Voom is India’s first fabric care brand that steers clear of stain and surface cleaning to second-order benefits.

Voom comes with Pro Colour Formula, Shape Defense Technology, and An Expert Shrinkage Fighter – the idea is to go beyond the stain and surface cleaning to second order benefits. Most customers now use washing machines. This is the first brand to lead with liquids rather than powder. 

VOOMWhat kind of in-store visibility and promo initiatives are you planning for Voom?

More than 300 million customers walk into FBB, Central, Brand Factory to buy fashion. We will use this connect to establish Voom as a brand. Future Group is home to a large number of fashion professionals – designers, fabric experts, merchandisers, manufacturing and sourcing experts. We pooled in over three decades of experience in building brands like John Miller, Lee Cooper, Converse, Indigo Nation, aLL, Scullers, Jealous and retail brands like FBB, Brand Factory, Central to co-create India’s only fashion first fabric care brand Voom.

Read the full interview in Point-of-Purchase August Edition.

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