Friday, October 23, 2020


Mohit Manghani

Abhishek Mahajan

Senior Manager – Retail, Aspire Systems

Identifying the right technologies is key for businesses : Abhishek Mahajan

“Time for malls to explore new ways of engagement” : Naviin Ibhrampurkar

Vikash Pacheriwal

CO-Founder of Raisin

Atmanirbhar: ‘Government support is mandatory at every level’ : Vikash Pacheriwal, CO-Founder, Raisin

Kuldeep Singh

Managing Director, San Frissco

Self-Reliant: Going local is a smart step taken by the government : Kuldeep Singh

Mandeep Arora

Managing Director, UBON

Atmanirbhar: Strengthening MSME would underpin a new growth impetus for India

Payal Agarwal

Founder - Studio Pa-Arch

New Normal: Modular designs, Pre-fabricated structures will transform spatial design

Sanjeev Sarin

Centre Director – Phoenix Palassio

“We are working with retail tenants to help them navigate through crisis” : Sanjeev Sarin, Centre Director – Phoenix Palassio

Ayushi Gudwani

Founder, FableStreet

Make in India : ‘Need to build stronger technical capabilities to outgrow competitors’ : Ayushi Gudwani

Shrinking expenses might help till the recovery curve upticks: Directors of Mirage Marbles

Igor Rikalo

President & Chief Operating Officer,, o9 Solutions

COVID-19 : End-to-end solutions will become more critical, says Igor Rikalo, President, o9 Solutions

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