Sunday, June 13, 2021


N Jayalakshmi

Invest in phygital and consumer trust, suggests McKinsey report

Lloyd Mathias

Angel Investor & Business Strategist

‘Marketers need to stitch the missing link between data and business value’

Nitin Chhabra

CEO, Ace Turtle

How omnichannel empowers brands in troubled times

Ian Johnston

Founder and Creative Director, Quinine

How value engineering can preserve value, while reducing cost in retail

Why PSPs need to invest in new technologies?

Vince Cacace

CEO and Co-founder, Vertebrae

‘Performance accountability should be integrated into technology’

5 things that kept Indian retail going through the last one year

Why it makes sense for Indian retail to go tier 2/3/4…

Aparna Kaushik

Founder & Architect

‘Store experience has to celebrate the product’

Can technology truly deliver on the business front?

‘Way forward: Agility, empathy & integrated solutions’

Lloyd Mathias

Business Strategist and Angel Investor, and former Asia Marketing Head of HP

‘Predictive analytics help retailers get smarter, more efficient and reduce costs’

Ishani Ghosh

Business Head (North), Brand Street Integrated

‘Only tech disruption will make shopping experience WOW’

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