Thursday, March 30, 2023


N Jayalakshmi

Shivendra Nigam

CFO, Cantabil Retail India Ltd.

When cost optimization drives expansion & market success

Utsav Doshi

Founder and Principal Designer, A&J Design Studio

Why lighting needs to be part of store design curriculum and more…

Sunita Reddy

Chief Architect, ACME Designers

‘We need more lighting designers’

Will tech partnerships drive store fit-outs industry?

Anjana Pasi

Founder and Director , MiniKlub

‘Customers need offline experience to develop trust in a new brand’

The key make or break factors in offline expansion

Samart Kholkar

CEO and CO-Founder, BLive

Building an EV community hub, click by brick

Mukesh Bhatia

Director, SSB Architects

‘Right lighting creates a bond between the product and the customer‘

Wanted: Service providers in retail skills training?

Satish Sharma

Co-founder & Principal Architect, Studio AIRD

‘Right lighting partner helps save Capex/Opex’

Ramesh Srinivasan

CEO, India Business at Netcore Cloud

How AI powered tools can now nudge your customer towards the path to purchase

Sarbajit Dhar

Principal Designer, Look Design Hub

The essence of illuminated experience

Angelique Dhama

CEO, Obeetee Carpets Retail

How does a legacy carpet brand weave its store experience?

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