Sunday, July 03, 2022


N Jayalakshmi

Venkatesh R G

Managing Director, Diamond Display Solution Pvt Ltd

‘Signage business can scale up considerably in India’

Smit Kant Raturi

Co-Founder & CEO , ChargeEZ

‘EV charging points serve as key customer touchpoints across multiple locations’

Experiential retail in Metaverse - hype or opportunity?

Sheetal Patel

Founder & Principal Architect, Studio Noya

‘Making the product visible in today’s retail environment means making the most of light’

Nishant Gattani

Director, Jyoti Suppliers

‘EV is a promising segment with wide retail presence’

Nuno Rosa

International Head of Visual Merchandising, VERO MODA

‘VMs are the link between a brand and its customers’

Anand Puri

CEO, Centre for Design Excellence

‘Retailers can achieve significant savings through efficient use of lights’

Ryan Fuss

Senior Vice President Global Media Solutions , Stingray

How retailers can leverage audio as part of their media network

Is Walmart taking off ciggies in a few US stores, a smart business strategy or a stand?

Critical CX do’s and don’ts that retail businesses could remember

Why the right lighting partner makes a difference to store experience

Dilli Babu Nandarapu

Founder & CEO, ShopConnect

‘Metaverse will enable brands to customize the shopping experience at scale’

Ashateet Saran

Principal Designer, SA Studio

“It’s right lighting rather than bright lighting that creates a great product experience.”

Federico Fraternale

Head of Design, Restore Design

“Our purpose in any project is to affect behaviour. Lighting is a powerful tool in achieving this.”

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