Thursday, June 20, 2024


N Jayalakshmi

How Alumil India is betting big on its Experience Centres and AR

What does Apple’s latest brand valuation mean?

On retail safaris and the journey of curating great store experiences

Why regional market is a growth driver for the retail design industry and more…

‘Let’s not look at ROI from a scarcity mindset’

‘Content & hardware have to be a perfect marriage’

‘Turnkey solution maximizes the value of investment in digital signage’

Why travel retail may be the next big opportunity for industry

What goes behind The Body Shop’s Activist Workshop stores?

How this tech co is on a mission to make AI accessible to retailers

Are the shifting dynamics in FMCG space impacting the POP Industry?

A look at why Macro Media Digital Imaging acquired Dovetail Furniture

‘Retail Project Heads need a playbook for smooth store rollouts’

Mahesh Shinde

Founder, Flowchart Retail Consultancy

‘Technology transcends hardware & software; it's about leveraging tools in alignment with brand & customer context’

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