Friday, December 09, 2022


N Jayalakshmi

Time to decode the role of technology in front-end retail?

How home decor brands are stepping up their retail presence

Krunal Shah

MD, BrandShell Pvt Ltd

BrandShell: Charting growth with a client-focused approach

Suman Saha

CEO, Arrow - Arvind Brands Ltd

‘There has to be a strong, value-driven reason for a customer to walk into your store’

‘Wanted: Long-term lighting partners who can offer customised solutions’

Are corporates drawing away retail design talent?

Sunil Munshi

VP - Retail, Orion Malls

‘It’s the best time to be in retail’

Apolline Picot

Creative Director of Experiences, SEA & India, Landor and Fitch

‘Designing a store versus designing an experience - it’s about conveying the brand values ’: Apolline Picot, Creative Director of Experiences, SEA & India, Landor and Fitch.

Can this 3M pilot project on liner waste recycling become an industry practice?

Dominic Twyford

Founder and Strategic Director, StudioX

‘Rather than design perfect shops, brands should focus on investing in touch points that stand out’

Is Phygital finally coming into its own?

Jenny Andrews

Founder , STUDIO J

‘Great deal of opportunity in the lighting industry to meet growing requirements…’

Venkatesh R G

Managing Director, Diamond Display Solution Pvt Ltd

‘Signage business can scale up considerably in India’

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