Sunday, October 01, 2023


N Jayalakshmi

Vishal Chaturvedi

VP, The Body Shop - Asia South

‘Supplier partnerships are integral to delivering sustainable shopping experiences’

Navdeep Sharma

Principal Architect, Design 360

'Professional lighting has come a long way in India, but there is scope for more choices’

Can retail eco-system lead India’s green focus?

Atul Jasra

Country Head, TPV Technology

‘Right ecosystem in India for digital display industry’

Jasleen Manrao

Studio Head, Figments Experience Lab

The art of lighting and crafting evocative spaces

Gagan Preet Singh Malhotra

Director, Malhotra Electronics

‘Quality of software & service is very important when you invest in a digital signage solution’

Barun Patro

Architect and Partner, Amar Architecture & Designs

‘It's a dance of light & psychology that elevates shopping experience’

Madhusoodhanan K

Director, Dhanyam Superstores Pvt. Ltd

'Our role as Organic retailers is to educate consumers'

Priyank Shah

Co-Founder, Renee Cosmetics

How Renee adds the cosmetic touch to its retail presence

Ronit Eliav

CMO, Nexite

‘Adopting new technology can be intimidating, which is why communicating ROI is so important’

Will these 4 do’s define the new retail playbook?

Christian Westphal

Creative Director, ace turtle

‘We need to use technology to enable the human experience in a store’

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