Wednesday, January 26, 2022


N Jayalakshmi

Neelam Das

Team Lead , Studio Lotus

“It is a common misconception that the brighter the store, the better it looks”

Amit Sharma

CEO & Co-founder, ShopX

“Traditional retailers are adopting appropriate digital initiatives to compete in a new environment”

Akash Kumar

VM Head, Lifestyle International

‘VM’s need to be connected with the changing demands & challenges’

Shedding light on dark stores - will they redefine Indian retailing?

Anuraag S

Creativist and Founder, PENCILBOX

“If a display does not sell, it’s NOT visual merchandising!”

Which ‘window’ shopping are we talking about?

Will these 4 key factors make a difference to Indian retail business in 2022?

Gaurav Manchanda

Managing Director, The Organic World

‘Retailers can take a stand that products that are not good for sustained consumption will not be sold.'

Jayen Naik

Senior VP Operations and Projects , Nexus Malls

‘People who are coming to malls are coming in with an intent to shop

Arun Kumar

Head - Product & Industry Practice , Altimetrik

‘Retail brands will soon recognise that they are awash with data but lack the ability to derive insights’

Tim Shaw

Director - Market Planning, GapMaps

‘Successful retailers know that location intelligence is as important as business functions’

Hike in raw material prices hurting signage & RSP industries

Shibu Philips

Business Head, Lulu Global Malls

'Malls have to be community spaces for long-term development'

Dhruva Kalra

Principal Architect , I’m D’Sign

‘Let the professionals do their job when it comes to lighting’

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